Wooden Beads Crafts and DIYs

January 21, 2015Elena

If you ever had a look at my blog, it shouldn’t surprise you, that I’m all into Nordic design and lifestyle. One thing that, for me, is Nordic, are things made from wooden beads. And if you’re with me and loving that trend, then you’re in for a trwat today, because I collected a few crafts and DIYs!


Please remember to pin the individual projects from their original blogs & sites, thanks!

Maybe you’d like some jewelry made out of wooden beads? Here is one idea for a necklace:


And here is another idea for a necklace:


Are you one of those people who always loose their keys? Then that’s the best excuse to make this sweet keychain. Think of all the possible colors and patterns you could paint!


Okay, let’s think a bit bigger. Big like a light fixure.
(I LOVE this one. Or, I NEED this one…)


But it gets even bigger. Bigger like a chandelier!


And if you think to make the whole chandelier DIY, you could also add just some wooden beads to an exisiting chandelier, like Jen did here:


These ideas were too big for you? No problem! Anu made a little trivet from her wooden beads. And while it’s so simple, it looks so awesome! (It also looks so very Nordic for me… <3)


If you or someone you know is currently especting, this teething toy is definitely a cute idea for a gift!


So far we only had our beads in simple round shapes – but that’s not the only way. You can even create snowflakes from them:


Or hearts! It’s only a few days until Valentine’s Day, and maybe you still need a gift? Here it is:


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