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October 31, 2015RaChil Luke

Happy Halloween everyone! Today is my favorite day of the year but I work a close shift today, sad-face. My only solace is getting to dress up with whatever I want from the store I work at. I’ve gotten to be a bunch of fun characters this year and have a slew of costumey-DIY ideas that I haven’t been able to execute because I’m busy making other people’s costume dreams come true. Today’s tutorial is the one exception I allowed myself; this gorgeous, over-the-top, glam witch hat facinator.
titledfinaleThis DIY is pretty simple at it’s base, get a paper-mache mini witch hat and attach various decorations to it. It’s like a soup where you add ingredients to taste, just add a bunch of pretty elements that look good together. Continuing the soup simile, its also a great dinner choice when you are feeling lazy, aka this is a good last minute costume for you procraftinators! That’s my disclaimer to let you know to make this project completely your own and now, onto tutorial:


  • Paper-mache mini witch hat
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Headband, alligator clips or stretchy cord (for wear)
  • Hot glue & gun
    Decorations (suggestions)
  • Feathers
  • Washi tape
  • Paper flowers (or silk)
  • Decorative pins
  • Ribbon
  • A charm or focal point


Step 1: Paint your hat, it doesn’t have to be traditional black.

Step 2: All steps from here on out are more like suggestions, ike I said in the opener, Get creative and make your hat your own!
Next, I wrapped the ribbon around the base of the cone part of the hat. I had to fold it in the center to get it to lay flat. I secured it with a few dots of hot glue.



Step 3: I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate this washi tape but I won a bunch of it in a giveaway recently so I was bound and determined to use at least some of it! I ended up loving this little pop of purple on an otherwise black and magenta hat. I went around the circumference of the brim continuing the pattern below.


Step 4: Best part of facinators? Feathers, that’s right! I wish I’d gotten some fancier or snazzier feathers but with a butter knife I was able to put a bit of a curl into these. Secure with glue.


Step 5: I added some decorative hat pins to keep the feathers in place and decided on where I wanted to place and glue my flowers. I also only decided to use two. I made these myself and you can find a bunch of tissue paper flower tutorials on the web.


Step 6: Glue your charm onto the center of the ribbon. Ta-da! You’re through; now go cast a spell on someone. Fair warning though, they may fall for your hat rather than you!

I wish I had a nice picture of me or Yolanda modeling the finished hat for you but it’s a little difficult to photograph with a subject (too close and you cut off the hat, too far and you lose all the beautiful detail). I’m debating between wearing this and a cape to work, or my actual Halloween costume, a black cat.

Have a great, safe, spooky weekend!
Happy Halloween,
RaChil Luke


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