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February 7, 2015RaChil Luke

I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day but I’ve had a few really good heart/love themed tutorial ideas this year. So surprising because I am a self pronounced Halloween Queen!  I already jumped the gun in December and wrote this Love Potion Necklace tutorial, I have a great pun-tastic Valentine’s Day Card coming to my blog Tuesday and I somehow still had some lovey dovey inspiration left over for this post!

I was sketching in class while bored and I drew the cutest winged heart that inspired this one. I knew it would be even more adorable in 3-D and I was right. Learn how to make your own in a few easy steps below!


  • Small amount of Red Sculpey (nickle sized)
  • Small amount of White Sculpey (^slightly larger)
  • Foam Brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Pin Backing
  • E6000
  • BBQ skewer or chopstick (not pictured)
  • Black Acrylic
  • Small detail brush

Step 1: Start with your your red sculpey. 2) Pinch one end so it comes to a point. 3) Define your teardrop shape more. 4)Using your BBQ skewer, indent the middle of the round part of the teardrop. 5) Flatten and define your heart shape til you’re happy with it.
Step 2: Take your ball of white clay now, 2) separate it into two. 3) Flatten out one of the halves.  4) Tear/Cut the flattened oval to the approximate size you want your wings to be.  5) Smooth your edges and begin forming your wing shape. I used my fingernails to create the curved bottom sections on the wings.
Step 3: Bake your heart and follow the instructions on your clay packaging!
Step 4: Once your heart has cooled down, apply a few layers of mod podge to seal it and give it a nice shine. Let dry between each step.

Step 5: Flip your hear over and apply a line of E6000 down the middle of the wing/heart intersection. Place your pin backing down on the glue.
Let dry.
Step 6 (Optional): I decided that I wanted to have some slight wing definition so I free handed some simplistic feathers and details. You can do this or leave them white, your choice!
I put my pin on my purse for the month, but you can wear yours as a broach or a sweater fastener.
If you want to play around with DIY jewelry some more check out my Wire Wrapped Button Bracelet tutorial, or if you want more Valentine’s Day crafts check out this nerdy Companion Cube Pop Up Card.

Til Next Time!


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