Why Move It? Rent It!

November 3, 2016Allison Murray

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Did you know you could rent an entire house of furniture? How perfect for a big move!

Did you know that you can rent furniture? I sure as heck wish I had known that a year ago but, alas, I did not. You see it’s been about a year since I moved 700-ish miles, but I have got to tell you the whole ordeal left a bad taste in my mouth… I cried. A lot. It. Was. Awful. Let me count the ways:

  1. Right from the get go I rented the wrong size moving truck.
  2. My movers left and said they would come back after I got the right sized truck.
  3. The truck rental company didn’t have a bigger truck available so I was stuck with one that was too small.
  4. To add more space had to rent a trailer to hitch to the back of the already difficult to maneuver gigantic moving truck that was now even more difficult to maneuver.
  5. My movers never came back to pack up the truck that day. They would call, say they were on their way, call me things like sweetie pie and tell me not to be dumb, of course they were on their way and then just never show. This happened over and over and over again starting at 9 a.m. until it got dark.
  6. I cried on the phone with customer service at 8PM about how their movers never showed up and how I was officially screwed. They patched me on a group call with the movers, which was SOOO uncomfortable,  who called me a liar and said they were on their way but they never showed.
  7. A new pair of movers (they were ANGELS I tell you!) showed up bright and early the next morning and informed me that we still didn’t have enough room for all of my stuff. But at least these guys showed.
  8. I left half of my belongings on the side of the road for strangers to take because I had no way to get them to my new house. I cried watching the things I worked hard for being hauled off.
  9. We drove 50 miles an hour through FOUR major metro areas in crazy as all get-out traffic and had to push it because we were down one travel day since the movers wasted day 1.
  10. We arrived at our new home after driving 18 hours and it was filthy (and I cried) but at least the unpacking  movers were on time.
  11. Most of my breakables did, in fact, break meaning I had to go right out and buy all new plates, glasses, etc.
  12. And then there was the cost… I only got to move half-ish of my stuff and cost me whopping $3,000. <— EEP!
  13. And then the stuff that did make it down to the new house promptly went into the garage because it was too big for the house. <— Isn’t it ironic?

Did you know you could rent an entire house of furniture? How perfect for a big move!


Now to be fair my dad had suggested that I have a garage sale, sell everything and not mess with moving so far as it is a huge hassle. But I just couldn’t see myself running out and buying all new furniture right away. I mean, I’d be trying to get settled. How in the world would I be able to go out and find a new couch and bed and blah, blah, blah?

Now that I do know I about CORT Furniture Rental, as is often the case, I really, really wish I would have listened to him (isn’t that something all dads want to hear? :). It seriously would have been so convenient to have picked out my furniture online and have them sent it over to the new house. Boom – there just went the hassle of a big move! And because I’m crazy fickle and since you can rent monthly I wouldn’t be locked into anything if, say, I just so happened to find the perfect sofa only a few months in.

And on a side note I could also rent a colorful sofa to see if I’d really like it. I’ve always wanted something fun, colorful but I always wind up going with something more neutral because, well, I almost always get talked out of it. But if I was renting then who cares if I pick a purple sofa?

Did you know you could rent an entire house of furniture? How perfect for a big move!

p.s. How gorgeous is that purple sofa, anyway? I LOVE it. If I wasn’t sitting on a boring beige sofa right now that would look lovely in my living room :)

Did you know you could rent an entire house of furniture? How perfect for a big move!

Or maybe I’d go with robin’s egg blue. I DO love robin’s egg blue and it looks so amazing with that green rug. To be honest, I doubt I ever would have paired the two but that’s another awesome thing about furniture rental…

They have these beautiful rooms already put together. Just find one that speaks to your style and it’s like you’ve hired an interior designer because everything just goes so well together.

Just think of all of the time, stress and money I would have saved! Heck, instead of costing me $3,000 I would have come away making money off of a big ol’ yard sale! And then I would have put that money toward renting furniture until Rob and I had proper time to get settled in after the big move because, as I learned that kind of a move isn’t just expensive. It’s stressful. And if it goes pear shaped it’s full of stomach aches and tears.

Did you know you could rent an entire house of furniture? How perfect for a big move!

So should Rob get an amazing job halfway across the country I can promise you one thing; there is going to be a big, GIGANTIC, even, yard sale and the only things that will be heading off into the sunset with us will be the most important, the things that mean something. And the rest? We’ll just rent it until the dust settles.

If you’re moving and would now like to consider renting furniture check out the gorgeous rooms that are all ready to go at CORT Furniture Rental.

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