Why It’s Totally Cool to Space Out Sometimes and NOT Blog

June 30, 2013Allison Murray

Why It's Totally Cool to Space Out Sometimes and NOT Blog

So you may have noticed that things got kind of quiet here on the blog, on my Facebook page (which just happened to cross the 1,000 followers while I was gone, yay!) on the Tumblr blog where I share my favorite DIYs and posts every day (which crossed the 4,000 followers point while I was out and about, hoorah!) and I have a really great reason for it.

And actually I think all readers and fellow bloggers would consider it a really great reason to occasionally not blog. Because we bloggers put a lot of pressure on ourselves to constantly be active and often put our blogging ahead of life’s little pleasures. And here’s my reason…

You see, I was having a fan-freakin-tastic time with my family. Yeah, I scheduled out posts and projects and shares to go through Thursday to go to Great Wolf Lodge with my family, come back and  hang out with my nephews for a while and then come home. But I just couldn’t part with my family at the previously determined time.

We had an amazing time at the Great Wolf Lodge swimming and (eek!) screaming down gigantic slides. Okay, so it was just me screaming but whatevs. And that was an amazing 3 days.

And then back at my sister’s we hit up the lake and the fireworks stand, and the fireworks stand, and the, well, you get the picture. So while I hate that the blog sat idle for a few days, I think it was worth it. Totally.

And it was actually the first time I just went with that instinct instead of worrying, will I lose readers? will everyone suddenly think I’m lazy? So I’m saying to all of my fellow bloggers, just in case you need to hear it, like I really did… It’s totally cool to walk away for a few days. Rewind, refresh and spend some time with your loved ones or in a place that makes you happy. Because life is short and life is good.

I’ll be putting out the good stuff as quickly and often as I can and look forward to it! Happy Sunday, everybody!

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