Where to Find Embroidery Patterns Online

May 14, 2016Allison Murray
Where to find embroidery patterns online.

Where to find embroidery patterns online.

So you’re here because you, like me, have been bitten by the embroidery bug. I’ll tell you why I love embroidery… It’s something that can be small and is easily portable. The designs you can stitch are limitless. You can have a very basic skill, perhaps only being able to do the back-stitch, but can still make amazing pieces. When you’re finished you have something unique and different than what anyone else will make (unless you follow the pattern and suggested colors exactly, which is okay, too).

When I was a kid and I wanted to embroider something I would get excited when I’d be allowed to get an Aunt Martha’s iron on transfer in a yellow paper sleeve. I would crudely stitch over angels or fruit or any number of things, some of which you can’t find anymore because they aren’t culturally appropriate. I always got excited while I cut out the one I wanted and Mimmie would press it down on a piece of scrap fabric or one of her kitchen towels and I’d get after it. She never tried to tell me which on to stitch or what colors to use. There was never any micromanaging or bossing me about how I should do this thing to have fun, which is something I find myself having issues with when dealing with children <– Hey! If you mix all of the colors you’re just going to get brown. Do you want a painting that’s just brown blobs?

At any rate today I’m going to share with you where I have gotten some of my favorite embroidery patterns online lately on Etsy. Now there are a TON of places to get pretty patterns but right now we’re focusing just on this one creator based online shop because there are SO MANY good pattern makers there. In the future we can delve into other places but right now, for my sanity, I’m reigning this business in for where to find embroidery patterns on Etsy. I’ve stitched a few and others are on my wishlist.

To start whenever you’re using patterns off of the internet you’ll need to transfer them over to your fabric. You can use transfer pencils and trace the pattern onto a new sheet of paper and then iron on. You can use Sulky Fabri Solvy, print the pattern onto the sheet, peel and stick it and start embroidering. <— Learn how to use Sulky Fabri Solvy for super easy iron on transfers in this tutorial.

Alright. Ready for some embroidery? Let’s do the dang thing.

Cozy Blue Shop on Etsy

Recognize this handsome guy? He’s from a pattern I stitched up from Cozy Blue on Etsy. I have to admit that these are probably my favorite patterns. They are cute and whimsical and I love all of the little details.

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Cozy Blue on Etsy.

This dude is the sea captain and you can buy him as a stand alone PDF or as a kit. In fact, there are quite a few kits where you’ll get pretty much everything you need to make your own finished hoop.

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Cozy Blue on Etsy.

There is also a stitch of the month club where you get one newly created pattern already printed on white fabric and the accompanying colors to stitch the design every month. It’s pretty awesome and seeing the little white envelopes from Cozy Blue have been such a happy thing for me!  I haven’t been keeping  up with the patterns so I haven’t renewed but if you have more time than me you should definitely go for it. It’s so fun!

Odd Ana Stitch on Etsy

This collection is just what it sounds like… interestingly odd embroidery patterns that look like so much fun to stitch. I have a few patterns waiting patiently in my shopping cart until I have more time to stitch again so I can’t show you what I’ve made, just the ones I wish I had!

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Odd Ana Stitch on Etsy.

There is a collection of animal masks that are too much fun. You can purchase the alphabet of 26 or you can purchase individual patterns. 26 is an awful lot of the same style, and I’d be sure to be bored after a while, so I’ll just pick and choose.

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Odd Ana Stitch on Etsy.

Look at that satin stitch! I am envious of these skills on this capricorn astrology pattern! If you’re looking for something a little bit different from your standard day of the week tea towel designs, Odd Ana Stitch might be your embroidery jam.

Lova Handmade on Etsy

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Lova Handmade on Etsy.

The patterns on Lova Handmade are just plain fun. They are beautifully stitched in bright colors and I often think I’d like to stitch up a set of dish towels exclusively with these patterns. I mean, look at that summer camper embroidery pattern! How cute and kitschy is that? LOVE!

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Lova Handmade on Etsy.

If you’re still new to stitching, I think these fab little patterns from Lova Handmade are definitely easy enough for you but the themes are so fun that even an expert stitcher will enjoy the patterns!

Polka and Bloom Etsy Shop

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Polka and Bloom on Etsy.

Don’t you just love Frida Kahlo? I sure do! So when I decided I wanted to stitch her I first started drawing something up but I’m just not that good of an artist to be able to get a likeness right. I was pretty stoked when I found her in the Polka and Bloom Etsy shop and I snapped the Las Flores de Frida pattern up. 

Now when I got it I realized that I didn’t dig the front of the pattern so I mixed it up, changing out the heart on fire for another flower. And that’s the lovely thing. You can purchase pre-made designs and then modify to fit your needs if you can’t find something that perfectly fits your needs as is.

Where to find embroidery patterns online. Polka and Bloom on Etsy.

There are so many fun, floral patterns and other designs that just beg to be stitched in bright, beautiful colors! Be sure to check Polka and Bloom out!

Jenny Blair Art on Etsy


I love how delicate and unique these amazing patterns from Jenny Blair Art are. I have yet to actually stitch one of these beauties but I love how well they lend themselves to applique work, which I’ve never done before. This queen bee embroidery pattern is on my wish list to stitch.


There are also some amazing kits with everything you need to stitch up a 5″ beauty like this vintage rose embroidery kit.

Aren’t these patterns so lovely? I can’t say enough good things about them. WISH LIST.

NaNee Hand Embroidery on Etsy

Where to find embroidery patterns online.Na Nee Hand Embroidery on Etsy.

Oh, my goodness. I love how varied the designs and how amazingly beautiful they look in gorgeous bright colors! This is yet another wishlist shop as I just can’t seem to make the time to stitch right now, including this fun cacti stitchery pattern. I actually have these patterns in my cart to purchase for our upcoming trip to Houston so I can go to the doctor. On a side note, ugh, SEVEN hours one way to go to a decent doctor.

Where to find embroidery patterns online.Na Nee Hand Embroidery on Etsy.

But at least I’ll keep my hands happy and busy with these beautifully fun patterns. There’s also a flamingo I’ve been eyeing but my satin stitch game is lame so I might stick with these two guys I’m sharing here! Pineapple anyone? Be sure to check out NaNee Hand Embroidery for some totally cute stitches!

Tamar Nahir Yanai on Etsy

Where to find embroidery patterns online.  TamarNahirYanai on Etsy.

You might recognize this bad boy blue deer pattern from my Instagram feed! If you’re looking for beautiful images that tell a story, you have to check out Tamir Nahir Yanai on Etsy. You simply MUST. Each pattern is different from the next and yet they all go so well together. I think that you could so easily take your favorite patterns from here to make a beautifully themed quilt!

Where to find embroidery patterns online.  TamarNahirYanai on Etsy.

I mean doesn’t that look like a page in a storybook? The artistry that goes into these patterns is stunning and I have such a difficult time choosing which should be my next stitch! Perhaps one day I’ll stitch them all! Maybe I’ll make my second piece this adorable flying fairy!

So there you have a glimpse into my favorite pattern shops on Etsy. Some I have yet to stitch from and some I’ve done one or many. Now I don’t share everything I embroider here because I prefer to share tutorials normally BUT if you’re interested to see the things I work on that I may not ever introduce here on the blog, be sure to give me a follow over at Instagram!

Happy Stitching!

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