What I Made in September, 2013

October 1, 2013Allison Murray

Hello, hello! September has come to a close and I’m sharing everything I made and shared online with my own two  hands the past month!


My favorite project this past month: I turned some Duck Tape and straws into a fun and funky bracelet!

DIY ikat sneakers at iLoveToCreate!

I also loved the ikat sneakers I made for my first ever contributor post at iLoveToCreate!

What else did I do this month? See for yourself! (for the original post, click on the pic or the list below)

Easy jump ring chainmaille bracelet. Make a lanyard dog toy with rope. Make all black sneakers Make a blinged team spirit tee Giant mason jar faux seaglass vase. Make a cross-stitch pattern from any image. At home printable iron on transfers. Gluten Free buttermilk cake recipe. Big beaded jump ring bracelet. Fancy faux saddle shoes. Fortune teller, cootie catcher origami. Washi tape desk top makeover. Easy textured glass pumpkin. 80's  throwback stenciled tote. Turn a scarf into a purse. Cover big beads with Kumihimo Get accepted on craftgawker. Rhinestone sneakers! Make a versatile creamy citrus sauce. Download all 50 state Silhouette cut files for free! Terra Cotta Pumpkin Pail Tutorial

1. I turned a trick or treat pail into a faux terra cotta pot. Totally tricked the UPS guy.

2. I made Silhouette cut files for all 50 states. Because I felt bad to not  have files for anyone who isn’t an Okie.

3. I shared my recipe for Lemon Sauce. It’s amazing, absolutely no joke.

4. I covered some sneakers in rhinestones. So my sister doesn’t need to be jealous of toddlers.

5. I shared my experience with craftgawker rejections… because rejection sucks.

6. I covered some big beads with a Kumihimo braid. I like big beads and I cannot lie.

7. I turned a scarf into a book bag. Scarves around my neck make me feel like an idiot.

8. I made a cassette stenciled tote bag. Sister left a comment “would make a great gift” so now it’s hers.

9. I made a textured glass pumpkin. I think it looks fancy.

10. I covered my mouse and keyboard with washi tape. And I cleaned my board – it was nasty.

11. I folded fortune tellers. I’m going to get hit in the eye with a paper airplane but I’m also gonna live in a big apple shaped house in The Big Apple.

12. I made another pair of faux saddle shoes. These are fancy!

13. I beaded some big jump rings and made an awesome bracelet. Wearing it now actually.

14. I shared a gluten free cake recipe. It’s got highly addictive buttermilk custard on the bottom.

15. I used home printable iron on transfers. Picasso is my homie.

16. I turned a Picasso painting into a cross-stitch pattern. I reiterate, Picasso is my homeboy.

17. I turned a gigantic mason jar into a faux seaglass vase. This thing is seriously honkin’ big, too.

18. I blinged up an team tee for Nellie Bellie. My chest glitters for you OU.

19. I made some shoes more suitable for a goth instead of a prep. Put shwings on ’em.

20. I made a dog toy out of rope using the lanyard box stitch. Yep, just like at summer camp.

21. I connected a whole mess of jump rings for a pretty bracelet. And lost it when a scary bug attacked while on the interstate, but found it again.


So that’s what I made.

What did you make this month?

Tell me in the comments!


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