What I Made in November, 2013

November 30, 2013Allison Murray

Why hello there, reader. November is officially over and I’ve put together everything I’ve made with my own two hands this very busy month. Let’s hop on it…

Happy Caturday - Astronaut Cat Portrait

My favorite project this past month though I was so nervous to share it: I showed off my weird little hobby. Cat portrait boxes. 

Lego Kleenex Box Cover Tutorial


I also loved my Kleenex box inspired by LEGO bricks tutorial. My nephew said, “you made chief Kleenex that he loves (Rubik’s cube tissue box) and now you did the same for me and Holden!”

What else did I do this month? See for yourself! (for the original post, click on the pic or the list below)

Baked potato soup recipe Birch bark paper garland Asian flavors salad Block crochet pattern Glitter switch plate covers spool jewelry Short Kumihimo braid Faux leather placemats Easy beaded moccasins Kumihimo camera strap tasseled kumihimo braid Boho boot makeover Painting canvas shoes Best Salsa Recipe Jump Ring Earrings migraine cold therapy bags make a crochet pattern gumdrop wreath Letters from North Pole clothespin reindeer ornaments gumdrop ornament Turkey Glove Puppet Storm Hi Res Images Burlap Ornaments

1. I made a Kumihimo camera strap. And forgot my camera, strap and all, at my sister’s house!

2. I made sweet little reindeer ornaments out of clothespins. Bringing the 80’s back!

3. Shared the best salsa recipe maybe ever. And it’s not conceited to say because it’s not even my recipe!

4. I showed you hot to make a block stitch crochet pattern. This sucker has been featured everywhere!

5. I shared high resolution storm images. Just happened to have my handy point in shoot in my pocket!

6. I tassled up my beaded Kumihimo. And it turned out wicked awesome.

7. I showed you how to send letters from the North Pole. Because sometimes Santa can use a hand.

8. I covered the basics about painting canvas shoes. Because, I’m kind of a pro by now.

9. I rescued a too short Kumihimo braid. Turns out it helped me out of my boring Kumihimo funk!

10. I made birch bark paper garland. And loved it more than I even though possible.

11. Totally skipped it because some days I just can’t seem to count. NICE!

12. I glued gumdrops onto a Styrofoam wreath.  Learned that all over the world people can’t make this because of some serious ANTS!

13. I ba-blinged out my light switch in my office/craft room. ‘Cause why the heck not?

14. I beaded some moccasins over at iLoveToCreate. Totally cheated, though :)

15. Made up a tasty fall inspired Asian flavors salad. It’s an awesome entree salad and it has super food kale up in there!

16. Found a puppet and created a pattern to make turkeys out of gloves. An old find I made in 2005 or 2006, pre-blogging days for my nephews!

17. Made some fake leather place mats at Mom Spark. Faux’ sho!

18. I knocked out some cold therapy migraine bags. Already used them like 3 times this month. Ugh.

19. Modified some boots in a totally boho way over at Mom Spark. Only temporarily, though. No ruined boots up in here!

20. I covered Styrofoam in gumdrops and shared it at Mom Spark! What’s with this chick gluing gumdrops onto Styrofoam?

21. Made some of the easiest earrings in the history of earrings, ever. Seriously. Got 5 minutes to spare? Check it out…

22. Shared my baked potato soup recipe that is rich and amazing. And totally gluten free!

23. I used some spools to make some very personalized jewelry. Hope my Mimmie likes it!

24. I made some rustic burlap ornaments. First burlap project EVER!

25. I showed you how to work out your own crochet pattern. In my own messed up way :)

So that’s what I made.

What did you make this month?

Tell me in the comments!

Comments (2)

  • aviva

    December 2, 2013 at 9:53 AM

    I just love you! Your’s is the first blog I have enjoyed… You crack me up! Thanks for that..been a very challenging year so that is no small thing… Lost my Dad, my dog and my mentor…so its a real blessing to be able to get lost in your blog for a while. Keep up the good work…oh and I love the cat box portraits… Don’t think my cats would stand for it though.

    1. Allison

      December 3, 2013 at 7:54 AM

      You are too sweet! I’m so sorry that you’re going through a rough patch and hope that sooner, rather than later, you can find peace with these things. Very, very glad that you’re able to use the blog as an escape. That makes me happier than you’ll ever know :)

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