What I Made in August, 2013

August 31, 2013Allison Murray

It’s been brought to my attention that I post A LOT of craft tutorials on my blog. It’s even been said that sometimes a post gets lost for a reader for everything there is to check out.

So here is what I made, basically everything I did with my own two hands and shared with you  in August, 2013 all tidy-like.

Make a latch hook Mondrian inspired rug

My favorite project this past month: I made a Mondrian-inspired latch hook rug! It’s so awesome that I have to fight the cats for it.



What I Made in August, 2013

1. I made some Winnie the Pooh inspired “hunny pots” filled with honey sweetened vanilla pudding. Yum.

2. I made Kusudama origami flowers. My nephew did, too.

3. I made a magnetic match game freebie printable. Featuring Flava Flav – you gotta read it like he says it.

4. I tested dye resist techniques on a pair of tennis shoes. Had one success and one fail.

5. I made bread cheese. And ate it.

6. I covered notebooks with decorative felt and appliques. They were cute and comfortably furry.

7. I covered a binder with Instagram photos of my boss. Giving it to my boss. Keeping it would be creepy.

8. I made a gigantic 18 inch Kusudama flower ball. It’s bigger than my biggest cat.

9. I made a free Mondrian crafting chart. Download that baby for latch hook, needlepoint or cross-stitch.

Make a coin beaded Kumihimo bracelet

My second favorite project? I made a beaded, belly-dancer inspired Kumihimo bracelet! And I’m still jingling all over the house in it, cause I love it.


What I Made in August, 2013

1. I made fancy button earrings for my sister. Happy Birthday.

2. I made a suspended bead bracelet with no crimp beads. And I happened to remember what jerks peacocks can be.

3. I made a pair of back to school pencil and composition book slip ons. iLoveToCreate featured them – nice!

4. I painted a pair of sunglasses with nail polish. Quit wearing ’em cause I’m constantly asked where I got ’em. Got things to do…

5. I helped my dad install a new toilet. It was a crappy job.

6. I tie dyed some jeans for my sister. Her color choices.

7. I yarn wrapped some cheapie flip flops. Which I ruined weeks before posting by slicing the bottom open on a piece of glass stuck in the dirt.

8. I printed a whole mess of Instagram photos. But I wish I had printed more.

9. I painted up some dishwasher safe glitter mugs. And I pretended to drink coffee out of one.

So that’s what I made.

What did you make this month?

Tell me in the comments!

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  • JayNine

    September 14, 2013 at 8:37 PM

    What a clever little idea! I think this is a great idea to do a monthly wrap up too. Coincidentally, I am new to your blog! This was a fabulous time saver! You do have alot of posts and it gave much clarity rather than even searching through categories! thank you again for the inspiration as well! : D

    1. Allison

      September 15, 2013 at 3:59 PM

      I’m so glad that it’s helpful. It kind of looked self-centered or something to me, but I had been assured it would be so helpful. Glad I finally did it. Thanks for the encouraging words. I’ll be sure to a monthly wrap up from now on!

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