Watercolor Marbles Notebook DIY

January 17, 2015Rachil Luke

Most college kids, or at least in my town, went back to school this week. Winter break was a flurry of activity for me, I sold at my first convention, started a new job, and prepped content for the blog like nobody’s business! I am very excited about this semester because I’ve finally decided on a major so I feel like I have more direction in my life/schooling plus I have two art classes this semester! Today’s DIY was both inspired by my design classes and for them! titledfinaleI’m taking 2-D and 3-D design which are mostly studio classes but there are a few notes to take. This notebook is perfect for that since it’s mini, I just had to make it look like it belonged among an artsy environment. The creation of this project is probably the funnest I’ve shared on here for a while…but my opinion could be skewed because I’m obsessed with the watercolors I got for Christmas.

This whole project idea was inspired by a print I have by artist, Ashely Gardner, of Printable Wisdom Designs. I love what she did with color, shape and her medium. I really wanted to try my hand at it and now you can too!


  • Watercolor Paper (1 sheet)
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Quarter (Or something round to trace)
    (Can replace these with a circle punch)
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Notebook

Step 1: This part is a little freestyle but here is basically what I did. I “painted” on a layer of water to an area first, then I would apply the color I wanted and let it bleed.


Repeat with various colors in different combinations until you’re happy with your selection. Let dry. (You may need to place a book down on your paper for a few hours after it dries to flatten it)
Step 2: Trace your coin on the back of your paper so you can’t see what patterns the circles are going to have when you cut them out. OR Use your circle punch and work from the back.cutout

Step 3: Apply some mod podge to the back of your circles and place them down on the cover of the notebook.


I played around with the placing of my “marbles” before I glued them down permanently.
Tada! You’ll have the prettiest notebook in art!


Why have boring, plain notebooks when you can take a few minutes to truly make them your own? I’ve shared my cute Glitter Tape Notebook here, as well as this awesome Batman Notebook on my own blog. Go back to class with some style, check them out!

Til Next Time!


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