Vintage Inspired Chocolate Heart at Mom Spark!

January 22, 2014Allison Murray

Vintage Inspired Chocolate Heart at Mom Spark!

These days I don’t really see any boxes of chocolates that are what I’d call keepsake worthy. There are lots with cute sayings or a generic “Happy Valentine’s Day” but nothing too special or interesting. Unless of course you consider this beef stick heart interesting, which I do but not necessarily in a good way…

Oh, my... Jack Links Furry Heart

When I was a kid in the 80’s there were tons of fancy schmancy V-Day hearts full of chocolate. They had lots of satin and roses and lace on them. Remember those? They were gaudy by today’s standards but they were more than a cardboard box of today.

Vintage Inspired Chocolate Heart at Mom Spark!

So I decided to take one of those plain boxes and turn it into something more. Something that could be a keepsake. I must say I’m quite proud of this vintage chocolate heart and I’m really excited to share the tutorial at Mom Spark. So head on over and learn how to knock one of these unique boxes for your lovely Valentine!

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