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November 2, 2014Allison Murray
The V8 Veggie Challenge!

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The V8 Veggie Challenge!

I’ve not lived by myself for over a decade. And now that I am once again, I realize that I eat so much better this way. Why? I don’t have a clue! But for lunch I’ll run in and grab some almonds, broccoli, carrots and sometimes cheese or deli meat and that’s it. Not even any Ranch dressing. And if you’re not from Oklahoma, you may not get what a big deal that is, but trust me… it’s huge.

And then all day long I want to much on fruits, veggies or nuts. Not going to lie, I do have the occasional peanut butter chocolate bar but for the most part, this chick is seriously eating much better. And that is making me FEEL so much better! So when I heard about the V8 Challenge Veg Out Challenge I got pretty stoked. This is so right up my alley right now!

In fact, I’ve been drinking quite a bit of V8 lately. Not the traditional tomato kind for drinking because I’m just not that fond of tomatoes, but that doesn’t mean I am left out. There are so many more flavors. Fruity flavors. Amazing flavors. Right now I’m all about the Peach Mango.


The whole reason why I started glugging on this stuff is right back to my more fruit and veggie filled diet that I’ve been rocking. I don’t just want fresh produce, I crave it. And that includes juices. A quick trip down the juice aisle told me several things. Lots of juices are not 100% juice (sometimes only 10% and mostly sugar water I’d guess) and so I went looking at real juices. And guess what? Fruit has lots of sugar naturally so drinking lots of fruit juice is really bad for my thighs. BUT when I looked at the nutrition on the V8 juices there were significantly less calories. Simply put, veggies are so good because they have lots of nutrition but not tons of calories. So I grabbed 4 or 5 different flavors and I’ve been hooked ever since.

But back to this challenge that I think is pretty fun. I DARE YOU to take part. Seriously! It can totally be fun and is a great way to kick your love for veggies up a notch or challenge yourself to get more in your diet. It’s also a great motivator for kids. I mean, I once got a kid to lick a tire in a particularly competitive game of Truth or Dare. Kids totally dig dares and this won’t be an exception.

The V8 Veggie Challenge!

So here are a few veggie dares for you to consider…

  • Go a whole day eating only raw veggies.
  • Photo bomb a pic while holding onto your favorite veggie! (this one is totally weird but could be really epic!)
  • Snap some pics of the freshest looking veggies at your local Farmer’s Market.
  • Selfie while kissing your bottle of V8!
  • Give bottles of V8 to friends or family who need to get more veggies in their diet.
  • Make a new recipe using V8 juice! (psst I’m working on this one!)
  • Buy and try a veggie that is strange, interesting or you’ve never tried before and sample it!

Do your dare and share with the hashtag #V8VegOut for a chance to have your pics featured! And be sure to join up with the Veggie Challenge here!

The V8 Veggie Challenge!

Want to know which challenge I went with? I was first going to do the fresh veggies all day but it’s not too far off from what I’m doing already which doesn’t make it much of a challenge. So I instead hit the grocery store looking for a veggie I had never tried before. It was kind of hard because I LOVE trying interesting fruits and veggies but I finally stumbled upon the chayote squash.

The V8 Veggie Challenge!

It’s slightly bigger than my fist and the flesh is smooth.

The V8 Veggie Challenge!

And at the bottom they have this weird crack that looks like a Ninja Turtles mouth.


I could only find a single googly eye to demonstrate, but do you see it now? It looks like a creature!

The V8 Veggie Challenge!

At any rate I chopped squash up to give it a quick saute with garlic and onion (because that makes everything awesome) and snacked a bit while I was chopping. The taste to me is like a cross between a cucumber and a bell pepper, but sweet.

The V8 Veggie Challenge!The V8 Veggie Challenge!The V8 Veggie Challenge!The V8 Veggie Challenge!The V8 Veggie Challenge!The V8 Veggie Challenge!The V8 Veggie Challenge!

I squeezed some lime on (like I had seen recommended on Chow Hound) but that made it taste like hot, sweet pickles. The pieces without lime juice beneath were much tastier.

But I did it! I totally tried a veggie I have never had (nor noticed at the store) before! Challenge accepted and completed. So, what veggie dare or challenge are you going to take on?

Don’t forget to join in on the challenge visit the V8 Challenge page and keep in touch with the company that has been mad about veggies for 80 years! Follow V8 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to tag your pics #V8VegOut!

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