Girly Monster Valentine’s Day Box

February 8, 2017Allison Murray
Easy to make girly monster Valentine's classroom box.

Easy to make girly monster Valentine's classroom box.

So it’s Saturday and I need to go to town, which is code for go shopping, most likely to the craft store, and I don’t want to go alone. You see I need to work up some Valentine crafts and I’ve got a few ideas for classroom Valentine boxes knocking around my head and making it out onto paper. But my Mr. Rob is at work.

Being a dedicated person he’s up at the studio painting for hours and hours every weekend.  This is something he loves and this is an absolute must as far as our time allocation goes. Going “to town” is also a big part of my life. Red glitter doesn’t just magically appear so if I need it I have to go get it. Except when I Amazon Prime it and get it lobbed on the porch in 2 business days. Sometimes Amazon business is more expensive than at a local brick and mortar store and that’s when I head on out.


Rob gets home and learns that I want to go to the craft store and to get a cupcake and so he puts his stuff down, says hi to the animals and then heads back out with me. In Michael’s I ask him to help me find some Valentine’s Boxes and he as NO CLUE what I am talking about. Me:”Did you get Valentine’s in class as a kid?” His response – “I guess.”And then that blows what I had planned to say next right on out of the water “These boxes are like the little mailboxes, or sometimes paper bags, that you would decorate and put up in the classroom to receive your Valentines”

So today I showed him exactly what I was talking about with the box little elementary school aged me would want… a girly monster Valentine’s box. In the end, he thinks this whole business is a bit nutty. And I guess it is a lot of work for just one little event to gather little pieces of paper that will most likely meet a trash can fairly soon. But dang if it isn’t so much fun! Want to see how you and the littles can make your own Monster Valentine Mailbox? Head on over to Mom Spark and check that business out!

Easy to make girly monster Valentine's classroom box.

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