Valentine Mailbox Tutorial

February 5, 2014Allison Murray
Make a super cute Valentine mailbox from pre-made paper mache. Super fun as school card boxes or for teacher's desk during Valentine season!

In today’s sponsored post brought to you by Plaid and Blueprint Social, we’re going to make a super cute Valentine Mailbox with Apple Barrel Craft Paint!


Since the good people at Plaid sent me some Apple Barrel Craft Paint it seemed a good time to do some Valentine’s Day crafting! One of my favorite things about Valentine’s as a kid was making my card box to receive all of my special goodies from my classmates. We got to make them at home and then bring them back and my house was practically a craft store. My Momma has always been crafty and very encouraging of me in my crafty endeavors.

I’d bring glittered, faux flowered, painted, pinata-esque card boxes and proudly place it with the rest. I don’t know how it is nowadays but all of my teachers made everybody give a card to everybody else. There was no excluding somebody and I just loved going through them all from my 20+ fellow students.


So I thought, why not make a mailbox shaped card box? Perhaps this is a bit over the top for a kid’s school assignment, unless they’d like to have their very own mailbox in their room. I think this would be super great for a teacher’s desk, though!


The good people at Plaid sent me a gazillion Apple Barrel craft acrylic paints. Seriously a TON! Count ’em… there’s 15 there! Thanks Apple Barrel!

I picked up a paper mache mailbox from Hobby Lobby for about $3 after using a 40% off coupon. There were two sizes and this is the larger.


Oh, and I can’t forget that they sent me a package of stencils, too! These came in quite handy when tackling the very popular geometric look!


First I applied a base coat of Cameo Pink  to the middle portion of the mailbox. When painting paper mache you need to make sure paint doesn’t puddle on the surface. In those areas your paper mache will bubble giving you an imperfect surface. Sometimes it is horribly obvious and sometimes it isn’t. It’s kind of the luck of the draw so I suggest taking your time.


Next I painted the “door” sections on the front and the back aquamarine. Aaand I got a bunch on the pink. BUT Apple Barrel paints go on smooth and thick so it only took two touch-ups to get it back in tip top shape!

At this point I got a song stuck in my head. Can you guess which one?


Now every mailbox I’ve ever seen has a knob or a handle and my Valentine mailbox is no different! I used a little candle cup and a wood circle to create mine. You can also use a cabinet knob or an empty thread spool… be creative!


After allowing your paint to dry for a few hours, paint some accents onto the main portion of the mailbox. Initially I was going to go hearts but I thought, though this is a Valentine box, that I’d go trendy geometric so that it could stay out all year if wanted!

You can work pretty quickly because Apple Barrel paints dry super fast! I do all the upside down ones and then flip and do the right side up ones and they were plenty dry!


Continue your pattern throughout and plan on using a small brush and your pink paint to touch up any weird shapes. After about halfway my stencil became wet and didn’t do as good of a job. I of course didn’t pick up on that until I was finished but in the end it turned out okay!


Paint your flag, your brad to hold the flag on and any decorative things you want on the front. Perhaps “Mrs. C” or “teacher”?

I just stenciled an A. Because that’s me. I’m A!

Reattach your flag, hot glue on your handle and, if needed, be prepared to hot glue your flag into place. I couldn’t get mine to do anything but rest on the ground!


Because the knob makes the door want to stay down, apply a thick clump of hot glue inside of the door at the top. Allow to fully cool/dry. This will be all you need to keep the door up as it should be!


This guy is really lightweight and not water safe so don’t plan on putting it outside (the paper mache won’t last in the elements) BUT I am SERIOUSLY considering painting up my actual mailbox out by the street. I just know that the neighbors  will love it! :)


There she is, all ready to start accepting sweet Valentines! If you make your own Valentine mailbox, I’d love to see it!

Thanks so much to Plaid for sending me so many great Apple Barrel Paint colors! And please visit the Plaid blog for tons of creative inspiration, subscribe to their weekly newsletter to get ideas sent straight to your email, and follow Plaid on Pinterest for tons of crafty projects!

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Plaid and Blueprint Social and I was compensated for my time as well as given materials to facilitate my post. All opinions, you best believe, are 100% my own.

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  • Stephanie

    February 5, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    This is just the cutest! Im might use this as inspiration for my daughters class party Valentines day box because this is adorable!

  • T’onna

    February 9, 2014 at 3:44 AM

    Super cute mailbox. I really like the colors you painted it.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

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