Mod Podge Valentine Frames at Mom Spark!

February 8, 2014Allison Murray


Today I’m sending you over to Mom Spark to make some Mod Podge Valentine frames!


So, yeah, I totally made a heart shaped Valentine frame and then filled it with a picture of my cat. That stud muffin up there is Gracie and his love is good, and pure and true and I adore him. Plus, he’s too stinking cute to not have a framed picture of him!


I made this super cute frame over at Mom Spark and shared a full tutorial so that you can, too! These guys are cheap (kind of my thin in case you haven’t noticed… search for cheap and it will probably pull up a million posts on this blog!) plus they’re a lot of fun to make and totally customizable to your decor or theme.


So head on over and see how to make your own. Gorgeous Russian blue not included. Mod Podge Valentine Frames at Mom Spark!

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