How to Update a Vintage Chair

August 20, 2017Sheri Pavlović

Summertime is most certainly an upcycler’s fave season! With groovy garage sales happening every weekend, awesome outdoor flea markets and fabulous curbside freebies it’s the best time to stock up on the cast-offs of others to transform into magnificent one of a kind pieces for next to nothing!

The next time you spy a less than stellar chair by the side of road snap it up and give it a groovtastic makeover! Here’s How to Update a Vintage Chair the refashionista way!


Remove the seat, give the chair frame a good clean and a few coats of bright spray paint.

While the paint is drying grab the seat, lovely fabric, scissors and your trusty staple gun. (I snagged my pinking shears to help prevent the fabric from fraying)

Remove any excess covering from the seat pad. (If the padding is still in good shape absolutely reuse it, if not replace it.)

Lay the fabric on a flat surface, pop the seat on top of it face down and chop out enough fabric to easily wrap around the entire seat.

Fold the raw edge of the fabric under and begin stapling it around the bottom of the straightest side(s) of the seat. Once the straight side(s) are recovered pull and pleat the remaining fabric tight around the corners and secure with staples for a clean edge.

The only straight part of my seat was the front edge so after securing the back corners I folded and stapled my fabric along both of the angled sides before tackling the curved back area.

I wasn’t 100% sure how to create a tidy edge so I slowly stretched and folded the fabric under to create large pleats around the curve.

A LOT of staples later and I had a super secure, perfectly rounded edge, hooray!

Once the paint is dry and the seat recovered simply reattach the two and enjoy your lovely new-to-you chair!

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