Upcycled Tassel Bracelets

February 28, 2015Laura Mason


Hello lovelies! Super quick confession –  I kind of love tassels. Just a little. So today I’m showing how to snazz up old bracelets with a fabulous. super easy, tassel-rrific tutorial.

You’ll need some old bracelets, cotton embroidery floss, (I used DMC 25 in #504 Very Light Blue Green, #718 Plum, #165 Very Light Moss Green, and #340 Medium Blue Violet), shiny gold embroidery floss (I used DMC 5 in #5282), scissors, and a yarn needle.


First, wrap the embroidery floss around your fingers to create a loop like the one above. I wrapped 22 times for each tassel. Slide the loop off your fingers, cut a short length of embroidery floss, and tie a knot at the top of the loop.


Next, cut the threads at the opposite end of the loop, and fold over, so that the knot you made is hidden inside your tassel.


To create the neck of the tassel, cut a longish piece of metallic embroidery floss (about a foot). Make a loop at one end, and lay it on top of your tassel. Grab the other end and wrap it tightly around the tassel, over the loop that you made. Once the neck is as wide as you want it (I did 5 to 7 wraps) pull the end of the thread through the loop, then pull the loop tight.


Now use a yarn needle to pull the ends of the neck wrap up through the head of the tassel, then trim them very short to hide them. Don’t forget to trim and tidy up the bottom of the tassel so that everything is nice and even!


Once you’ve got a few gorgeous tassels, it’s time to secure them to your bracelets. Cut a 6 inch long piece of embroidery floss, and use a yarn needle to pull it through the top of your tassel. Then, tie it to the bracelet, in between two beads. I tied a double knot, and then one more single knot. Finally, pull each end down through the neck of tassel and hide it in the tassel body.

And taaa-daa! You’ve got bright, fun bracelets with just a hint of sparkle to add to your next arm party! And who doesn’t love a hint of sparkle?!

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and have a lovely weekend! xo.

DSC_0643  DSC_0659 DSC_0663

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