Upcycled No Sew MakeUp Brush Roll

October 1, 2017Sheri Pavlović

Hands up if you have a stash of bamboo placemats hiding (or forgotten) in a drawer somewhere! I have no idea why but I seem to have collected a rather large amount of bamboo placemat sets over the years and for some reason brought them all with me when I moved from Europe to Canada. As thrift and charity shops are bursting with lonely bamboo placemats I thought I’d come up with and share some clever reuses for those sturdy yet bendable bits of tableware and give them a second chance instead of donating them.

Grab those old placemats and whip up an Upcycled No Sew MakeUp Brush Roll in minutes with my super simple tute – this also makes an absolutely fabulous gift!

You’ll need: a bamboo placemat, elastic, a ribbon/length of fabric, make up brushes and your trusty glue gun.

Weave on end of the elastic through the middle edge of one side of the placemat.

Using the glue gun, secure the end of the elastic back on itself around the bamboo.

Continue weaving the elastic around and through the bamboo to create the brush holders. (use the brushes as a guide for the width of your weaves)

Once you near the other side of the placemat secure the end of the elastic back on itself around the bamboo. (make sure to leave a few centimeters of space for easy rolling)

Tie the ribbon/length of fabric to one side of the placemat.

Roll it up from the other side and then wrap and tie the ribbon around your fancy new makeup brush roll!

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