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April 22, 2015Allison Murray
Turn an old open back frame into a chalkboard that's just about any color with a super cute saying!

Turn an old open back frame into a chalkboard that's just about any color with a super cute saying!

Sometimes people are jerks flat, freaking out. I don’t know why it is but there are those people who seem to feel like every thought and opinion they have is the way things should be. Those people will send me emails and Facebook messages about how I’m doing things wrong. It could be that they thing my hands are ugly and my fingers look like disgusting little sausages (for real, people) and that they would enjoy my posts if only there weren’t cats in the pictures.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I completely support that. But if you don’t have something nice to say just leave people the heck alone. Am I right?

Turn an old open back frame into a chalkboard that's just about any color with a super cute saying!

So when I saw this printable by Dawn Nicole it was TOO FREAKING FAB to not make front and center on something in my home. And since I craft hoard I just happened to have an open back frame of awesomeness (look at that thing) to turn into a chalkboard. Yep, I took that free printable from the lovely Dawn Nicole blog and chalked it onto my very own homemade (BLUE!) chalkboard.

Head on over to Mom Spark to get the full deets! Upcycled Frame Chalkboard Tutorial.

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  • Mike

    April 30, 2015 at 6:22 AM

    You are so right Allison! People are just freakin’ jerks! Why, just a few weeks ago, my friend and I were walking down the street and these two guys were walking down the same sidewalk as we were. And of course, they both felt that they owned the entire sidewalk and nearly bumps into us! We tried getting out of their way and even said “excuse us”, but one of them even bumps into my friend, even though she apologized for it! And the one guy was like, “Watch it! Other people in the world!” in a booming, dominating voice, basically saying that they’re the only ones that count. I wanted to kick him so bad for bumping into my friend, but thought better of it to not do that and have an even worse situation on our hands. But what those “butt-wipes” failed to notice is that while we were both walking together, side by side, as the sidewalk was narrow, they were walking on either end, clearing saying, “stay out of our way!”. What were we supposed to do? Walk out into the then busy street and get run over while dumb and dumber hog the sidewalk?
    So yeah, I totally understand. And hey, don’t even listen to what those jerks say to you Allison. I think you’re cool and your fingers look just fine. I don’t know why people get so worked up on appearances. But yeah, you have a great blog here, you’re very talented and you’re nice. Like I said when I first joined, some people on other blogs weren’t so nice so I didn’t even bother to stay. I joined this one because I think your crafts are cool and you’re a nice person. And we have similar temperaments, which we discovered not too long ago. :)
    So anyway, hope you have a great day and please keep your blog going. I enjoy it. :)

    P.S. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Been busy lately and in the middle of possibly getting another job so my hands have been full. I’m still reading though!

  • Mike

    April 30, 2015 at 6:24 AM

    One more thing. Cool chalkboard frame! :)

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