Upcycled DIY Can Stilts

April 2, 2017Sheri Pavlović

Spring and winter are currently having a tug of war in Toronto. With sunshine and warm wind for 2 days and then bleak grey skies and wet snow for 3 combined with no guarantee of what the weather will bring from day to day, planning weekend activities for the kiddo is nearly impossible. Akk!

A recent outdoor park adventure we had planned had to be postponed due to unpleasant frozen rain so I had to put on my refashionista thinking cap and come up with a quick indoor replacement activity:

A quick peek into my stash revealed a couple of coffee cans – the perfect rainy day crafting ingredient to create an awesome pair of Upcycled DIY Can Stilts!

For this quirky kid-friendly project you’ll need to grab a couple of clean, sturdy cans, a hammer, nail and a length of strong yarn or rope.

As the labels were printed onto our cans we covered them with paper and the kiddo scribbled on some colours as quickly as she could – she was very impatient to get walking on her stilts!

Once the cans were decorated I punctured a two holes in the bottom of each with the hammer and nail.

Then fed each end of a length of sturdy yarn through the holes.

And tied the ends together inside of each of the cans.

I popped the lids back onto the open ends of the cans, flipped them over and presented the groovy stilts to my munchkin!

Success! A quick and easy upcycled project perfect for indoor, rainy day play!

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