Travel More with Discover It Miles

July 1, 2015Allison Murray
Travel More with Discover It Miles

Travel More with Discover It Miles
Monahans Sandhills State Park, Texas


I’ve never been one to much care about frequent flyer miles or any kind of travel perk really. Hardly ever travelling I never saw the point in accruing those miles or getting advantages like hotel discounts because I would never ever use them. But my life has taken a wonderful and positive turn! I’m in a new relationship, I am moving to a new state and I’m hitting the road to finally get out there and see what is happening outside of my little piece of the world.

It’s such an amazing feeling. As an adult I’ve never had a vacation outside of the state I live in and the state most of my family lives in. It made me feel like one of those people who are scared to get off their own front porch… or the people you talk to at the store who will tell you they’ve never, not even for one minute, left the state of Oklahoma and have no desire to.

Travel More with Discover It Miles
Nephew and I borrowed my uncle Leslie’s fish eye lens to play with. Check out that fishy pucker!


I love my home state. I’m proud to be an Okie. But I want to see the world. And so far I’ve only added on 2 more states to the list with Arkansas and Louisiana but dang if it hasn’t been a blast and a superb intro to my new life that includes travelling whenever and wherever possible.

So now things like travel perks make sense to me. I’ve only flown twice this year but I want to fly again so I can travel much further away. Heck, maybe I’ll even need a passport! :) And now the Discover it Miles® card makes so much sense to me. The benefits include no annual fee, you can fly any airline, any time using your miles to credit your statement, get 1.5 miles for every dollar spent on purchases, those miles never expire, no foreign transaction fees (again, maybe a passport, woo!)

Travel More with Discover It Miles
Burying children in the sand is always worth a good laugh. Until they inevitably freak out.


Plus there are the added benefits of no annual fee, overnight replacement of card to any U.S. address and $0 fraud liability guarantee so you aren’t responsible for unauthorized purchases. And that’s huge! Have you ever had somebody spend all of your money in another state? They get a sea-doo and all you get is worry. And if travel doesn’t fit your calendar right now, you can redeem miles at any time for cash or a statement credit for travel purchases including airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and transportation!

If you’re interested in checking out the Discover it Miles® card they’ll double your miles you’ve earned by the end of your first year with no spending cap. So just imagine that you pay just about everything with your new card. You’ll be jet-setting everywhere in a year! That is so awesome!

Travel More with Discover It Miles
I was a kid during the boom when there seemed to be more pump jacks than I could count off the highway. This is hardly any compared to that!


So tell me? Do you have any travel plans this summer? I’m going to be taking my new beau to meet my entire family out in West Texas which isn’t the prettiest place but I’ve got to tell you, we’re going to have so much fun! So for the agenda has us going to the sandhills in Monahans and Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico two of my favorite places to go as a kid (which I just realized is another state I’ll add to my been there, done that list!) It’s going to be a blast and I’ll probably gain 10 pounds from all of the amazing food we’ll eat! And if my house sells for a good price, I might use a tiny bit of the profit for a little trip, likely to Mexico City! But let me know what you’re up to travel-wise. I just might have to steal your ideas instead!

Travel More with Discover It Miles
West Texas… it really is that flat.

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