Trash Bag Ghost Tutorial at Mom Spark

October 15, 2013Allison Murray
Trash Bag Ghost Tutorial at Mom Spark

Trash Bag Ghost Tutorial at Mom Spark

I’ve made a ton of these awesome trash bag ghosts. And actually I always make the same three geeky dad, chic momma and cute daughter – can that really be a coincidence? :)

My momma made this craft when I was just a lil miss and we’ve made them over and over again. In fact, it’s kind of a moving house tradition. That first Halloween, a new set is created and displayed prominently in the front yard.

I gotta tell you, there have been quite a handful of these guys that have gotten stolen, but that’s just because they are so darn cute. Good news is these guys are cheap. Total cost including the use of one 40% off coupon to make three was right around $15 – including a lot of left over foam, ribbon and wiggle eyes!

So head on over to Mom Spark and check out how to make these awesome ghostly yard decorations for cheap and check out exactly what a cute girl and chic momma ghost look like!

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