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January 10, 2015Allison Murray
Check out the top 10 posts at Dream a Little Bigger for 2014

Check out the top 10 posts at Dream a Little Bigger for 2014

2014 here at Dream a Little Bigger was a big year. Huge, really! We took on 5 writers to help bring a steady flow of diverse and exciting daily posts and flourished quite a bit!

It was definitely a year for crochet around here and taking over HALF of the best of list. Let’s just get on with the top ten posts of 2014 per Google Analytics. Oh, and get excited because we’re gearing up for another great year of crafty, tasty and just plain fun posts for you!

Number 10: Dyeing Suede for Excellent Results

Dyeing Suede with Excellent Results

Originally posted in October of 2012 this post didn’t get enough play in 2013 to make the top ten list. So I was pretty surprised to realize that in 2014 it really took off! Shared socially only 295 times as of the time this was written, it somehow still managed to be a resource to those wanting to dye things from boots to purses to horse saddles!

Number 9: Single Rib Crochet Stitch

Single Crochet Rib Stitch

I LOVE this stitch so I was super excited to see that it made the list. Many, many emails have been received from readers who have used this fab stitch to make exceptionally scrubby washcloths and even Swiffer pads! In 8 months, this post saw over 44,000 social shares!

Number 8: I Got a Silhouette. Now What?

New Silhouette cutting machine? Cameo tips, tricks and advice!

My Silhouette sat in the box for ages with me being too intimidated to do anything about it. Apparently, I’m hardly the only one to shy away from their new Silhouette. If you’re new to your machine, or if you just want to learn a few tips I’ve come across by using mine, head on over and check it out.

Number 7: 15 Free Crochet Bag Patterns

I’m a bag fanatic. I love purses from crossbodies to clutches to even reusable grocery sacks. I also love crochet. So I searched out around the internet and shared my 15 favorite free crochet bag patterns. Apparently I’m not the only bag lover who likes to hook it. This sucker was pinned over 21,000 times!

Number 6: Glue Guide – Use the Right Glue for the Job

Posted in February of 2013, this post has been holding steadily as one of the more popular on this site. Bringing in the most views from search engines, this helpful guide even has a free printable to help you glue one thing to another.

Number 5: Block Crochet

This crochet pattern came together in November of 2013 and is still getting great action. This is one of the first patterns I worked up completely by myself and it’s still a big source of pride for me! This sucker has been shared socially over 87,000 times making me even more proud of this post!

Number 4: Mason Jar Luminaries


Now this post is actually just an announcement so you can head on over to Mom Spark to check out the full tutorial. So imagine my surprise when these mason jar luminaries that are quite awesome, if I do say so myself, snagged the number 4 spot of most popular posts at Dream a Little Bigger!

Number 3: V Double Crochet Stitch


Perhaps the fact that chevron has been so hot has helped this V Double Crochet post to do so well and be pinned over 60,000 times since March of 2014. Or maybe it’s just because it’s so dang easy… if you know how to double crochet you’ve got the skills to rock this fancy looking pattern that’s oh, so simple.

Number 2: Best Salsa Maybe Ever


Apparently everybody loves a good salsa! This is the best salsa recipe… maybe ever and I totally stand behind that.Using mostly fresh ingredients (but canned tomatoes) this sassy sauce is super easy to make and if jarred is a great gift! Originally posted in November, 2013 this post shows no signs of slowing down in 2015!

Number 1: Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial


In February of 2014 I was hooking like nobody’s business. I was really happy with my color choices and this tutorial for the bobble stitch was born. Because this sucker is kind of tricky to explain in photos, I dove into the world of video and while I’m still not confident in it am pretty happy that it’s seen almost 20,000 views on YouTube making it, by far, my most popular video to date. Averaging around 12,000 repins a month, this sucker has topped out at over 128,000 shares socially making it the most popular post on this site ever. Maybe it’s those pretty colors that did the trick!

Before I go let me know before you go, were there any projects you were surprised didn’t make the list? What was your favorite project in 2014?

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