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January 4, 2014Allison Murray
Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

2013 was a good year for me. To quickly recap my blog grew quietly, slowly but steadily. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have preferred a meteoric rise but I’ve heard slow and steady wins the race so I’m cool with it! The whole reason this blog is growing is because YOU visit and YOU read my posts. Thanks. Even though that just doesn’t sound like enough to say in this situation, thanks. I am grateful for your time, your readership and your interest in the silly things I whip up.

Things have been weird here the last week. My father and I took up before Christmas to remodel my office and craft room and we planned to have it finished up shortly after Christmas. But here it is January 4 and I am just now lugging my junk back into the room. As you can tell my computer is up and I have to say I’ve missed it being up and working for 10+ days. I wish that I didn’t have to use up so much of my father’s time and goodwill, but to be honest the whole problem is my attention span and my father’s desire to make me happy. “Hey, what if we put peg board right there. I can hang my brushes and scissors up! And can you make me brand new tables? You can? Shazaam! Thanks, Daddy!”

So what went from adding filing cabinets my mother bought me for Christmas and my father delivered to me turned into a massive room overhaul complete with a new paint color. Which just makes me itching to paint the other rooms. Crap.

So today, though it is a bit late, I am sharing with you my top ten projects for 2013 per Google Analytics. I’m pretty amazed that half are jewelry with three of them being Kumihimo but I think that is super nifty because Kumi is awesome. But let’s just get this list started, shall we?


Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

Number 10: 12 Strand Spiral Kumihimo Tutorial

In the beginning for me Kumihimo was satin rattail in an 8 cord pattern. Period. When I first started to experiment and try to learn other techniques I finally shared this fun, spiral shaped braid. It looks super complicated but it’s totally easy enough for a beginner. Plus, they look awesome in bright or team colors. Go Thunder!

Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

Number 9: Easy, Colorful Poly-Rope Rug DIY

This was one of my favorite projects and it was pretty cheap using dollar store rope. This fella’ was featured on Dollar Store Crafts which was so awesome to see popping up in my Bloglovin’ feed! Though the rug no longer lives in my home, I’ll always think of this project fondly :)

Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

Number 8: Glue Guide – Use the Right Glue for the Job

I put together a glue guide more for myself than anything, and on a whim decided to make it pretty and share it with the masses. As it turns out a lot of people have found this post and that makes me incredibly happy. My love for Aleene’s glues from iLoveToCreate was an interesting precursor to my becoming an iLoveToCreate blogger!

Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

Number 7:  Kumihimo – 8 Strand Cord Tutorial

The second I learned about Kumihimo I ordered a kit and as it turned out I love it and braid often. This very basic tutorial was my first foray into animated GIF images for the blog and I was so happy to learn how often that little pic helped out new Kumi braiders! If you want to get into it, this tutorial is the best place to start!

Top Ten Posts of 2013 at

Number 6: Kumihimo – Beaded 8 Strand Cord

Yep, Kumihimo was super popular on the blog this year and it’s no wonder why… it’s fun and it’s easy. Take this beaded 8 strand cord, for example. It looks like some time intensive bead weaving with needles and thread and gah! that sounds super difficult. But the only difference between this and the basic 8 strand is the time it takes you to string the beads onto your cords. I must admit, of all of the jewelry I have made myself this year, the beaded Kumi bracelets get rocked on the regular.

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Number 5: DIY Chanel Inspired Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet jumped off of the pages of a magazine, inspired by a piece of jewelry so expensive I’d probably have to remortgage my house to own it. Well, perhaps I’m being a bit melodramatic but it would probably be a piece of jewelry that cost more than all of my favorite prized possessions combined. So I made my own. And I showed you how to. And apparently you dug it :)

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Number 4: Frayed Edge Rag Throw Quilt Tutorial

I strive for things that grace the posts in this blog to be as perfect as I can make them and often can projects because they photograph poorly or just didn’t turn out the quality I aspire to share here at Dream a Little Bigger… But this quilt was different. Though imperfect and wonky I shared it with a few kernels of truth only an 80+ woman who takes no guff has to offer about the art of handmade.

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Number 3: Block Crochet Pattern Tutorial

Okay, this one kind of blows my mind because it was only up for 2 months of 2013 but still made it to the number 3 spot. Yeah it’s a pretty cool looking pattern but this sucker did really well on Pinterest with over 15,600 pins on Pinterest. The pattern is easy to create with only knowledge of basic stitches to complete, so it’s great for even a new hooker!

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Number 2: Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover Tutorial

Inspired by the Big Bang Theory, this Rubik’s Cube Tissue box was super popular on this blog and per my Amazon affiliate sales was not only often read, but often recreated. Yep, we made a total run on paper mache tissue boxes and y’all bought 5-6 of them a month through Amazon alone. I’ve since been informed that the real box on the BBT is actually canvas and yarn, but, yuck. I’m not touching anything yarn after some snotty so and so has been grabbing at the tissues so this, while not 100% authentic, made a great and seemingly more sanitary gift for my father!

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Number 1: Gold Leaf Flecked Acrylic Bangle Tutorial

And that leads us to the most popular project on this blog in 2013… this beauty of a bangle that was my first attempt at acrylic resin. It was fun, it was relatively inexpensive and it is so stylish looking and always got gobs of compliments when gracing my wrist. It’s since gone to live with my sister as I have a tendency to tire of things easily but I will always love that bracelet and need to remember just how much fun crafting with resin is. Perhaps I should add that to my resolutions. Craft with more resin!

Well, I guess that’s it for today. I really need to start hauling boxes of yarn and stencils and whatnot back into this room. My break is over but I hope you’ve had an excellent 2013 and want to spread best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 for you, too!

And let me know before you go, were there any projects you were surprised didn’t make the list? What was your favorite project in 2013?


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  • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet

    January 7, 2014 at 12:33 AM

    Fabulous round-up, Allison! And I’m fascinated by this whole Kumihimo bandwagon I clearly need to hop on. That’s crazy how popular those posts were! And it’s neat to look back at some of my favorite of your projects…one of them being that acrylic bangle! That’s seriously on my TO DO list for 2014!

    (Also, I was really excited to see on Instagram what you’re doing those filing cabinets…eek! I’m expecting you’ll do a big reveal here on the blog once you finish the revamp?)

    Happy new year, friend! Looking forward to all that 2014 holds for you here at Dream a Little Bigger! I’m along for the ride, that’s for sure.

    1. Allison

      January 10, 2014 at 11:01 AM

      Why thank you, Miss Lauren! And I think Kumihimo is an absolute must. It’s easy, it’s fun and I’ve gone into trying to sell it to you :)

      And I was so excited about filing my fabric that I just had to give you a sneak preview. Luckily I have lots of crafty cat assistants to help with such projects!

      Thanks for your kind words. You sure know how to make a girl feel great!

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