Thrifted Dress to Top Refashion

July 2, 2017Sheri Pavlović

By now you may have guessed that I am a bit of an upcycling ecofashion warrior who proudly puts together earth-friendly outfits created from preloved items. Shopping secondhand is a fabulous (and affordable) way to create a unique, sustainable wardrobe however, just like in any other kind of shop, it’s not always easy to buy off-the-rack garments that fit perfectly or are your exact taste and style.

Thankfully is crazy simple to update an ill-fitting but wonderfully styled frock into a fab new blouse! Grab my easy tute for transforming a Thrifted Dress to Top Refashion and never pass up a less than stellar dress at the thrift shop again!


How awesome is the top of that dress? The patchwork detail is fantastic but the dress itself was too loose and had a few stains on the skirt area.

I snagged a blouse with my desired length and placed it on top of the dress.

Using the shirt length + a few centimeters for seam allowance as a guide, I chopped straight through both layers of the dress.

Gave my adorable new top a nice clean hem (& added the bottom of the dress to my ever growing refashionista stash).

How fabulous is that result? From frumpy, stained dress to light and airy boho blouse in minutes!

Check out my tutorials for wearing playlist and get started creating your own unique style today!

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