The Upcycled Sweater Bag

May 25, 2015Sheri Pavlovic

Everyone has a perfectly functional but less than stellar handbag (or three) lurking at the back of the closet and a sweater or two that just don’t make it into rotation anymore so why not combine them into a stylin’ new accessory?

Raid your wardrobe and follow my quick and easy tute to create your own upcycled sweater bag!

Grab a handbag and a sweater that coordinates well with the straps.

Pop the sweater over the bag and ensure that the the straps and opening fit through the sweater neckline and allow easy access to the bag contents.

Flip the sweater inside out, place the bag on top with the opening lined up with the neckline and trace out the basic shape onto the sweater.

Stitch over your traced lines.

Chop off the excess fabric.

Pop the sweater over the bag with the wrong side facing out and mark out the top edges of the bag onto the sweater.

Stitch over the marks, trim off the excess fabric and zigzag over the seams to prevent fraying.

Flip the sweater right side out and pop it over the bag.

Snag some embroidery thread and use a simple running stitch to secure the sweater neckline to the top of the handbag.

Load up your fabulous new bag, throw on a fab refashioned dress and head out!

For more funky DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!


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