The Upcycled DIY Lampshade

July 4, 2016Sheri Pavlović

My kiddo loves upcycling, refashioning and decorating her own gear and I absolutely give her free reign to do so. Encouraging my little refashionista to think outside of the box, recycle and find new uses for her old things has led her to come up with some absolutely stellar ideas all by herself (which makes me a pretty darn proud DIY diva mama)!

Occasionally her decorative attempts leave her more frustrated than thrilled but that’s just another excuse to get that imagination going and come up with a clever fix!

The upcycled DIY lampshade

As she was not at all happy with the artwork she had drawn on her lampshade I let her loose in my stash to find a funky cover up and thus the upcycled DIY lampshade was created! (Any idea what creative bit she chose to refashion for her new lampshade?)

The upcycled DIY lampshade

Grab a small lampshade, a pair of outgrown baby tights and your trusty glue gun. (Grown-up-sized patterned tights would work fabulously for larger lampshades!)

The upcycled DIY lampshade

Flip the tights inside out and chop off the legs and crotch area.

The upcycled DIY lampshade

Stretch the top of the tights over the lampshade with the finished edge lined up with the top of the shade and raw edge over-hanging the bottom.

The upcycled DIY lampshade

Carefully glue the raw edge of the tights to the inside of the shade.

The upcycled DIY lampshade

Glue the top in place as well.

the upcycled DIY lampshade

Leave it as it is or add a bit of lace around the top for extra fanciness!

Take a peek at my funky Sassy Sofa Sitter tutorial for another groovy use for those outgrown kiddo tights:

For loads of fabulous upcycling DIYs take a peek at my tutorial index and always remember to keep up your Passion for Refashion!


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  • Marla

    July 4, 2016 at 9:32 PM

    Looking for bobble info..thanks for that..

    And thanks for my namesake, Marla! I am thrilled!!

  • amy

    March 27, 2017 at 6:32 AM

    That is soo adorable. What a really neat idea.

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