The Personalized DIY Doodle Tee

May 16, 2016Sheri Pavlović

Graphic tees are awesome but as I’m all about creating my own one-of-a-kind style I rarely find any individual enough to please my unique self and end up putting on my refashionista thinking cap and creating them myself.

The Personalized DIY Doodle Tee

I am completely thrilled with my latest no-sew transformation! Raid your t-shirt hoard and get your abstract art on with the personalized DIY doodle tee!

the personalized DIY doodle tee

Grab a t-shirt, chalk, permanent marker and a plastic wrapped piece of cardboard.

the personalized DIY doodle tee

Pop the cardboard into the t-shirt to prevent the marker leaking through the fabric.

the personalized DIY doodle tee

If, like me, you’re not super confident about drawing on fabric do a practice run and draw your basic design on a scrap of fabric first with the chalk then trace over it with the marker.

the personalized DIY doodle tee

Lightly sketch out your design onto the t-shirt with the chalk. (As I am most certainly not an artiste I went for a very simple abstract version of myself)

the personalized DIY doodle tee (5)

Carefully trace over the chalk with the permanent marker and let dry completely.

the personalized DIY doodle tee (6)

Once dry, place a piece of fabric over the design and iron on high heat to set your design.

The Personalized DIY Doodle Tee

Awesome and completely unique! (wouldn’t this make a fab gift too?!)

the personalized DIY doodle tee

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