Mosaic Terra Cotta Pumpkins for Fall

October 22, 2014Allison Murray
This mosaic terra cotta pumpkin is amazing and easy to make. Lasts forever!

This terra cotta mosaic pumpkin is amazing and easy to make. Lasts forever!

I’ve never been one to get really excited about fall decor. Here in my neck of the woods we don’t have anything that looks like the fall splendor I see on TV with loads of colors and crisp air. Case in point, it’s supposed to be almost 90 degrees here today. That doesn’t seem very fall-like. So instead of looking out the window to a sky that looks like it would smell like fall spices and earth it’s just a plain old day where the grass is dead and the leaves on some trees are yellow and missing on others.

All of that combined doesn’t really put me in the mood for fall decorating. But I started thinking and people in Florida have Christmas ornaments with snow on them, right? The colorful fall leaves are a symbol of the season that I’m going to grab with both hands. At least when I look around my porch I’ll see Autumn splendor (just don’t glance off to the Bradford pear on the right)!

This mosaic terra cotta pumpkin is amazing and easy to make. Lasts forever!

So what is a girl to do who has literally no fall decor saved up? Well, it’s time to get this party started, I guess.

I love pumpkins so much. I’m not sure what it is… the pie is awesome the shape is so cool and you can carve them. It all adds up to awesome. But I hate when they spoil and go bad. So I decided to start up making a collection of faux pumpkins that I can spend as much time as I want on making because they won’t be a puddle of goo I have to clean up on my porch after Halloween. Heck, they’ll even stay good through Thanksgiving 20 years from now (if I don’t lose them, which I probably will).

These fancy terracotta  pumpkins you see here are made all mosaic-like and I love them. Wait… I LOVE THEM! They are so pretty and so amazing (kind of heavy) but they just look so smart to me! If you want to make your own, I’ve got great news! There’s a tutorial by yours truly over at She Knows where you can see just how to make your own. How fab is that? I’ll see you over there! Skip the Jack-O-Lantern, these terra-cotta pumpkins will last longer.

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