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August 22, 2015Laura Mason

005GalleryWallLovelyWren - Copy  003GalleryWallLovelyWren - Copy

Hi! Today’s project is super simple – a temporary gallery wall! It’s perfect for apartments, dorm rooms or any other temporary home. It’s also great if (like me) you’re in the middle of a remodel and can’t actually create the gallery wall you’ve been dreaming of. Or, if you have a wall or space you just haven’t gotten around to decorating yet – I mean, why have a blank wall when you can have a cute and temporary display until you’re ready to finish decorating?!

This project will cheer up any wall in just minutes, is totally temporary and easy to remove, and won’t leave marks on your paint (according to HGTV at least – I haven’t tried it myself to be 100% sure)! And oh yeah, it’s adorable too!

001GalleryWallLovelyWren - Copy


So first you want to gather your “artworks.” I used a couple few photos, some Project Life cards, and a couple scenes torn from a recent Anthropologie catalog (swoon!)

I trimmed one photo to a smaller size, and tore the magazine pictures into shapes/sizes that I wanted. Then I laid everything out on the bed so that I could play around with the placement and figure out where I wanted things to go.

002GalleryWallLovelyWren - Copy

Once I had a layout I liked, I taped everything up with my favorite washi tapes :) Make fun shapes with the tape and vary where you secure the “artworks” – like middle versus both top corners or top and bottom – to add a bit of interest.

And that’s literally it. BOOM. Done. Told ya it was fast!

006GalleryWallLovelyWren - Copy007GalleryWallLovelyWren - Copy

I couldn’t resist making one little mini-collage for my wall… I tore a page out of an old book, taped a magazine photo to it and then added a paper clip for pizzazz.

BedroomDuringRemodelLovelyWren - Copy   PippinLovelyWren - Copy

And finally, this is what my bedroom (and house in general) looks like right now. We are remodeling, so we don’t have all our stuff moved in, and we don’t have all our furniture moved in, just a few things, and I’m struggling getting organized because where am I supposed to put knick knacks with no furniture?? It’s rough. At least I have Pippin (my toy poodle) to add some cuteness. And now I have a gallery wall too :D


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