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June 12, 2013Allison Murray

Today I’m really excited to be sharing with you a guest post from Dream a Little Bigger reader and fellow blogger, Laura from The Experimental Home. I love the duality of Laura’s nature, being both creative and logical (a scientist!). Without further ado, I’ll let Laura take the stage and teach you how to make one super nifty tee shirt infinity scarf:

Hello to all you big dreamers! I am so excited (and honestly a little intimidated) to be guest posting today here at Dream a Little Bigger today. Like you, I click on over here every day to see what crazy-amazing thing Allison has made, and she rarely disappoints. She has been a constant inspiration during the last three months since I started my blog, The Experimental Home, where I write about experimenting with crafts, food, and my family.

A little more about me. I am a scientist. I work in a lab. For those of you that have never been in a real lab, they are messy places, not the kind of place you want to rock your nice business casual attire. So, I wear t-shirts pretty much every day, which is awesome most of the time. I love t-shirts, they are soft and comfy – like carrying around a piece of home on your back. But sometimes, I want to dress my t-shirts up a bit so that I look a little more presentable for a lunch date or something. What is a girl to do? Make some t-shirt accessories!

Yup, it will only take you 30 seconds to make an infinity scarf out of a t-shirt. I used XXXL t-shirts that I bought for a couple bucks at the craft store, but you could use any old t-shirt. However, the bigger the shirt you start with, the bigger your scarf will be. My XXXL shirts made really big (perhaps a little too big) scarves.

Do you have 30 seconds? Alright, here is the how-to.<span

You can wear one, or multiple. If you want to wear more than two, I suggest making them a little skinnier. 

But, if you are the embellishing type, lets make a 1 minute t-shirt flower. Start by going back to your t-shirt scraps. 

Cut your t-shirt sleeve as shown and then repeat on the other sleeve, or better yet, a sleeve from another shirt. You will have several loops bound by the armpit seam. Stretch those loops out. You should have something that looks like this. Oh yeah, and find a couple safety pins. 

Hold your big loops together and fasten one safety pin around the two seams and the other around the loops 180 degrees away. 

Grab hold of those two safety pins and twist them in opposite directions. Keep twisting until you just can’t twist anymore. Geez, it sounds like a 60’s dance party over here. 

Once it gets super-twisty, it will want to loop around itself, guide it into a spiral – just like putting your hair in a bun. Bring the outside of the spiral to the back and use the safety pin to secure it. The other safety pin can be used to pin your flower onto your scarf, or anything else you like. When you pin it onto something, insert the safety pin vertically, which keeps your flower from looking too droopy.

Can you believe that you had a t-shirt a minute and a half ago? Awesome right?

I love making things out of t-shirts. Check out my t-shirt yarn tutorial here , and some things to make from it here , and here .

Thanks for checking out my 30 second infinity scarf, and a big thanks to Allison for inviting me to guest post today. I hope to see you at The Experimental Home soon!


Thanks so much for a great tutorial, Laura!

Bust out those tee shirts and get to making Laura’s super easy infinity scarf and embellishment. I especially love the pink and gray together. And don’t forget to check out Laura’s blog, The Experimental Home and be sure to set aside an hour or two just to peruse her Flip Flop revamp series (which I’ve featured a time or two on my Tumblr blog of awesome, daily DIYs!).

Happy Hump Day!

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  • Britany {32Turns}

    June 12, 2013 at 8:54 PM

    Hi Laura! Super cute guest post, I love your creativity, seriously girl you are talented!

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