Team Spirit Bling Tees at Nellie Bellie!

September 27, 2013Allison Murray
Team Spirit Rhinestone Tee Tutorial, Team Bling!

Check out these Team Spirit Bling Tees!

Team Spirit Bling Tees at Nellie Bellie!

Have you ever heard the saying “ask and you shall receive”?  To be honest in life I’m not much of an asker. If I need something I wait until somebody offers it rather than saying, “Yo I gotta headache you got some ibuprofen?” Yep, I’ll sit there squinting my eyes and not really paying attention  to the conversation until I get asked “hey, you got a headache or something? Need some Tylenol for that?”

It’s a ridiculous quality about myself (and I totally am aware of that) and I don’t have any clue at all where it comes from. Only recently am I learning to ask. Like really recently, past month recently and it turns out, it makes things sooo much easier!


And since I was on a roll I thought I’d hit up one of my favorite bloggers, Janel from Nellie Bellie, and see if she’d like for me to write up a guest post for her. I was so nervous about the whole thing, I felt sick. But guess what? Janel is so freaking nice. I even told her “thanks for being so nice” and she was like – of course, why wouldn’t I be? You know what kind of person responds like that? A truly, down to the core, nice person who doesn’t even realize they’re being nice when they are.

So before I start going on and on, head on over to Nellie Bellie to read my guest post to make this fantastic team spirit rhinestone blinged up tee shirt.


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