Tastekid + Crafty Playlist #3

May 25, 2013Allison Murray

Use Tastekid to find music, movies, authors, books, TV shows and video games similar to ones you already like!

I love music, books and movies but I hate wasting time and money on things that I don’t like. I’m assuming that I’m not the only one in the world that takes issue with this which is why I’m sharing this nifty website with you. Tastekid is a suggestion generator that takes your favorite movies, books, authors, musicians, TV shows and video games and recommends a short list of similar movies, books, video games and whatnot that you would most likely be interested in.

My experience with this site is extremely positive. Sometimes I get an odd recommendation that doesn’t quite work for me but most of the time I at least like everything displayed and I find a couple of things that I absolutely dig. I find this is really helpful when trying to find TV shows similar to British Shows that I love.

I searched for The Mighty Boosh, probably my favorite show of all time that hasn’t aired a new episode in years. I just happened to be recommended Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy – a sketch comedy show by one of the main characters of The Mighty Boosh. Since these are both British shows and I live in the U.S. I may not have found out about this series that began just last year. Guess what I’ll be Youtubing up this 3 day weekend!


So check out TasteKid to find things you will dig similar to things you already do dig.

Today I’ve been playing with massive quantities of Mod Podge in preparation for this week’s Mod Podge Challenge! Basically I had challenged myself to make one Mod Podge project every day for a full week. That’s 7 new Mod Podge projects! And while I love what I’ve made, of course woke up with all new ideas that I took action on. So check back tomorrow for my first Mod Podge share! It just might light up your life!

Please check out my playlist I listened to and worked from this morning. We’ve got a little bit of hot Chip, Thee Oh Sees, Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra and we open and close with the brilliance that is Danger Mouse. I hope you enjoy!

And if you’re having trouble seeing the embedded player above, click here to listen to Crafty Playlist #3

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