• I need these! Fun hangers are easy and can make my closet look posh on a budget! Would be fun when giving clothes as a gift, too!

    Burned Wood Clothes Hangers

    September 24, 2015 admin

    I remember when I was a kid thinking that someday someone was going to hang me up in the closet on a hanger. It’s something I guess I had seen on TV. I mean, I had a great imagination as a child but dang! Basically somebody would slide a hanger into my shirt, while I…

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  • Wood burn or draw on a wood pencil case for a great Zentangle® or sketching case!

    Zentangle® Wood Burned Pencil Case / Travel Set

    June 29, 2015 admin

    I’ve been all about Zentangle® for a while now. If you’re not sure what it is a quick Google image search for Zentangle will get show you exactly what’s up! It’s basically doodling, but kind of with a purpose, but kind of not. That makes no sense, right? Let’s see if I can explain this…

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