• This unicorn sugar scrub is glittery, luxurious and totally easy to DIY. Learn how to make a clay unicorn horn, too!

    Unicorn Sugar Scrub Recipe

    November 1, 2017 admin

    Want to skip the chatter? Get my Unicorn Sugar Scrub Recipe at Mom Spark. What’s your favorite fantasy creature? Mine is definitely a mermaid, and I even have one hanging up in my office ’cause they’re awesome, but not far behind mermaids are unicorns. And so it just so happens that I whipped up some cotton candy…

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  • This DIY unicorn pumpkin is the most magical (and easy) no carve pumpkin!

    DIY No Carve Unicorn Pumpkin

    October 14, 2017 admin

    So today I got all weird with Google, like I sometimes do, all up in it about unicorns. Where did the idea of the unicorn come from? Is it possible they were ever real? As it turns out the first mention of the unicorn in writing was in 400 bce by this dude called Ctesias. I have…

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