• Tired of wasting paper? Erase the pages and start all over again with this microwavable notebook. It's my new favorite thing!

    Rocketbook the Microwavable Notebook

    February 9, 2017 admin

    Before we get going we all know that I do review products for compensation but this post here is all about the love I have for Rocketbook. This post contains no sponsorship, no money, no free notebooks but it does contain affiliate links.  I love gadgets and gizmos (just don’t feed them after midnight, ha!) and…

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  • Customize your cell phone from front to back with Motorola Moto X.

    Customize Your Cell Phone

    December 28, 2014 admin

    Do you remember the Sims games? Those ones where you created “people” on your computer screen and dictated their every move? They bought things with Simoleons and spoke Simlish. I loved that game. But maybe not for the reasons you’re thinking. I quickly grew tired of having to tell my Sim it was time to…

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