• Hanging Macrame Succulent Holders

    August 9, 2017 admin

    This summer I spent a lot of time travelling. Some was for fun and some for family and, inevitably, the latter always wound up being fun, too. I’ve swam in the Caribbean, carted others to doctor’s appointments, ridden boats, gone back to school shopping and I’ve only been home a grand total of 5 nights…

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  • This is so neat! Turn your favorite read into a book succulent planter. I want to do this with Pride and Prejudice!

    Book Succulent Planter

    August 17, 2016 admin

    Rob is a super nice guy. As an example, we were at my parents’ house and we’re all doing our things in the den. My dad and I were probably on our laptops or something and Momma was probably covered in dogs playing on her tablet. And Rob, I bet you anything he was playing…

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  • A succulent filed hexagon planter and display is super on point. See how to make filler that is lightweight enough for the glass but looks like a million bucks!

    Hexagon Succulent Terrarium

    February 5, 2016 admin

    The master bedroom is coming along quite nicely. I’m super stoked about how well everything is fitting together, including my DIY creations. Not too terribly long ago I shared with you a wood shim starburst mirror I made and hung in the bedroom… See on the very far left of that pic? That’s my empty…

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