• If you love loofah soap but it's a bit to harsh for your skin, try this exfoliating loose loofah soap, instead. It's super refreshing and not so coarse.

    Exfoliating Loose Loofah Soap

    April 17, 2018 admin

    If you love loofah soap but it’s a bit to harsh for your skin, try this exfoliating loose loofah soap, instead. It’s super refreshing and not so coarse. A while back ago I made some loofah soap and it did really, really well. Even though it’s been well loved in this house, the thing is…

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  • Wondering why your soap is peeling apart? Check out this tutorial for how to layer soap for the super easy fix and make some fun rainbow soap, too!

    How to Layer Melt and Pour – Rainbow Soap Tutorial

    March 6, 2018 admin

    Wondering why your soap is peeling apart? Check out this tutorial for how to layer soap for the super easy fix and make some fun rainbow soap, too! I honestly don’t know how it happens… I have the best intentions and, heck, maybe even a plan all written out. But sometimes I have those days…

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  • Add a little extra flair to your melt and pour soaps by painting them. Learn how to paint soap with long-lasting designs & great results!

    How to Paint Soap with Long-Lasting Results

    March 1, 2018 admin

    I’m pretty stoked because here lately my projects have NOT been turning out. I’ve been cranking out ideas and acting on them but a lot of them have just flopped or not produced consistent results. A lot of it is since I cut myself a little bit ago I’m terrified of hurting myself again. It’s…

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  • These homemade soap eyeballs are super easy to make with melt and pour AND the kiddos are going to love washing their hands with them. Win-win!

    DIY Soap Eyeballs

    October 26, 2017 admin

    I have literally been making eyeball soaps for almost 2 weeks, now. It has been this crazy ordeal where I have tried multiple molds and ideas and techniques and not until here recently did anything yield really nice looking results. And what the heck is the point of sharing a project if you’re going to…

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  • Don't have time to soak in the bath? These 10 minute epsom salt soaps are just what you need to soothe sore muscles in the shower!

    Epsom Salt Soap for Sore Muscle Relief

    September 8, 2017 admin

    For the past few weeks I’ve been super busy. Not in the fun, making lots of tutorials busy but in the carting a sick cat around to multiple vets (seriously, 3 in as few weeks) kind of a way. My kitty Marla went to have an ultrasound a little over an hour’s drive away from home…

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  • These lemon poppy seed massage bar soaps take only 10 minutes to make. Perfect for aching muscles!

    10 Minute Lemon Poppy Seed Soap

    August 22, 2017 admin

    Back in Oklahoma a few, short weeks ago I spent a whopping 8 nights on the sofa in my sister’s living room. She’s got a generously sized 4 bedroom house but when you’ve got kids + guests somebody’s got to surf the sofa and I pulled the short straw.  I’m not being melodramatic when I…

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  • These wiggly, jiggly jelly soaps will make bath time fun again!

    DIY Jelly Soaps

    July 31, 2017 admin

    I love when things wiggle and jiggle. Maybe that makes me childish but maybe that just proves that I can be grown up and still love awesome things. And so when I noticed a bazillion packets of gelatin in my pantry and a need to knock out some tutorials for the blog I got super…

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  • Homemade layered soaps are much easier to make than I ever thought and this peaches and cream soap sounds heavenly!

    Homemade Peaches and Cream Soap Layered Bars

    January 17, 2017 admin

    Want to skip the chatter and get right to the tutorial? Peaches and Cream Layered Soap I’m one of those people that loves to shower and bathe and if for some reason I don’t get to (like the water being out during an ice storm or something) I find myself incredibly bothered. I can hardly…

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  • How cute are these little gem shaped soaps? A great DIY gift for a lover of the finer things. Who doesn't love diamonds? :)

    DIY Gem Shaped Soaps

    November 25, 2016 admin

    I’m literally obsessed with soap making right now. I have made so. many. soaps. I’m pretty sure Rob thinks I’ve gone over into crazy territory.  Basically what happened was ages and ages ago I wanted some soaps with loofah in them but couldn’t find any to buy. So when I saw whole loofah for sale…

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  • Loofah Soap Bars

    November 12, 2016 admin

    Learn how to make homemade soap, adding loofah to the mix for the perfect exfoliant. Perfect for even a first-time soap maker, these loofah soap bars are super simple and make great gifts! I have a tendency to go through crafty phases where I’m absolutely in love with something, buy tons and tons of supplies for…

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