• Take sensory play to a whole new level with magnetic slime and magnetic putty easily made at home!

    Magnetic Slime and Play Putty

    February 13, 2017 admin

    People have always been telling me that I would grow out of things and some things I did. I’m no longer afraid of the dark but I still hop into bed just in case there is a bogey man under there. Another of the things that I have been told I should have outgrown by…

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  • Easily make cheap gluten free cloud dough. Gluten intolerant tots can enjoy sensory play too!

    Cheap Gluten Free Cloud Dough

    July 14, 2015 admin

    I remember being left out of some things when I was a kid. It was never because of anything long term like an allergy or anything when I was little, it was always some sort of self imposed issue. Like the time in elementary school I decided to spin around and around on a pole…

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