• Purple Rock-Star Pants

    September 5, 2015 rachil

    So, did I mention I’m taking a printmaking 1 class in college? I’ve already fallen in love with it. We started out with linocuts, something I’m very familiar with as it’s just like stamp making but on a larger scale. I have been thinking, geekily, about how my teacher said that “Printmaking is everywhere, we…

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  • This rock and roll Halloween costume is inspired by KISS!

    KISS Rock Star Costume Tutorial

    October 28, 2014 admin

    My nephew doesn’t know who Gene Simmons is or what KISS is, except it is something as a young boy he wants to avoid for the time being. Now my sister and mom and ¬†aunt and uncle all know who KISS is and I think we all kind of love them a bit. So when…

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