• Make a DIY Solar jack-o-lantern and you don't have to remember to turn on lights every night or worry about candle and fire safety. This is genius!

    Easy DIY Solar Jack-O-Lantern

    October 22, 2015 admin

    Every year I go nuts and carve a ton of pumpkins. One year my sister and I carved ALL NIGHT LONG to have a bazillion as decor for my nephew’s birthday. I remember loading up every space of the car with fresh pumpkins that had gone on clearance at Walmart. I looked like a crazy…

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  • Are Stick n Carve an easier answer to traditional pumpkin carving?

    Stick n Carve Pumpkins

    October 9, 2014 admin

    After I renewed my Zombie Pumpkins account I started perusing around. And I somehow came across their Stick n Carve sheets made by Sulky. Since I’ve never felt like I’ve wasted money on a Sulky product I decided to snap up a package and see what was what. And because I was pretty confident in…

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  • Zombie Pumpkins this Halloween!

    October 15, 2012 admin

    Michael Jackson from Thriller. Carved in 2012! Long time no see… It’s been a bad couple of days for me. Stomach bug, dislocated knee and things getting misplaced – like all of the time. I lost a giant spider glittered hot pink (have since found). I lost the top of my pumpkin I carved (still…

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