• With only 3 things you can make homemade toner pads for acne. Be it stress, hormonal or teenage angst, these are amazing!

    Homemade Toner Pads for Acne

    March 7, 2016 admin

    My dermatologist explained to me that I have adult acne. It sucks. I missed it when the others had it as a teenager and it’s decided to hit me with a vengeance as an adult. I’m not quite sure how, but once my breakout was hormonal and another time it appeared to be stress induced.…

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  • Love that clean smell but hate all of the chemicals? Make your own 2 ingredient carpet deodorizer. It's way less expensive than store bought with no harmful chemicals!

    2 Ingredient Carpet Deodorizer

    October 16, 2015 admin

    The older I get the more wary I am about chemicals. Maybe it’s the sheer amount of medication I’ve been taking for all of my adult life. When you hear, this medication that you have no choice but to take contains harsh chemicals that will probably make you lose your hair, you suddenly realize that a healthy…

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