• Looking for an interesting costume? Be a bread cat or Toastface Killah!

    Bread Cat & Toastface Killah Costumes

    October 30, 2014 admin

    About a month ago I was showing my nephew all of the nifty things that had been going on online lately. One of those things was the breaded cat. You know, where they put a piece of bread on a cat’s face? via If you haven’t heard about it, Google it! They’re everywhere.  Heck there…

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  • Nerd Halloween costumes are awesome and cheap!

    From Totally Chic to Totally Geek Costume Tutorial

    October 29, 2014 admin

    Can you guess what movie I’ve watched recently? Yep, that one. Moving on… Today’s costume is super easy and chances are you won’t need to buy a whole lot to rock this one out. And if you do, a quick trip to the thrift store will have you all set. The geek or nerd costume has…

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