• Homemade Halloween costumes are the absolute best! Check out these amazing yet easy DIY costumes that will turn heads while trick or treating!

    45 Amazing Kids Halloween Costumes

    September 25, 2018 admin

    Homemade Halloween costumes are the absolute best! Check out these amazing yet easy DIY costumes that will turn heads while trick or treating! Though I’m sure what is easy and what is not is totally relative, I think that all 45 (yes, FORTY-FIVE!) of these DIY kid costumes are totally worth the effort. If you’re looking…

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  • Witch Hat Facinator

    October 31, 2015 rachil

    Happy Halloween everyone! Today is my favorite day of the year but I work a close shift today, sad-face. My only solace is getting to dress up with whatever I want from the store I work at. I’ve gotten to be a bunch of fun characters this year and have a slew of costumey-DIY ideas…

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  • No fancy equipment is needed to make these adorable Halloween mason jar luminaries!

    Halloween Mason Jar Luminaries

    October 20, 2015 admin

    Sometimes the simple things are the best things. I have a Silhouette Cameo and I LOVE it. It’s been such a wonderful tool to help me get my crafty on in a way that looks more polished and takes less time. But I’ve gotten to where it’s been kind of a crafty crutch. I don’t…

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  • Skull-Bead Headband

    October 17, 2015 rachil

    Hey everyone! Guess what? I got a new job and it’s super awesome. I work at a party store that sells Halloween stuff; i.e. costumes, decorations, and cooking/baking supplies. Every day I get to pick out costume accessories to wear and it is the best perk I think a job has ever given me! My…

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  • Kind of creepy but kind of cute too and perfect for Halloween! Vampire bite cupcakes!

    Vampire Bite Creepy Cute Cupcakes

    October 14, 2015 admin

    I guess I like vampires. I never really thought about it too much but I did read and love most of the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Sure, they got pretty bad toward the end but I had to see the series through. The show, True Blood, based off of the books was one I watched every week.…

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  • This GIANT sugar skull with a floral crown is so pretty!

    DIY Giant Sugar Skull

    October 2, 2015 admin

    In the last month, twice now, I’ve been mistaken for being much younger than I am. Like way, way younger. Daddy had surgery on his back and I sat in the window seat of his hospital room typing away at my laptop and harassing ladies to bring him ice chips. I saw these ladies, mostly nurses…

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  • Holy Sheet that is an Awesome Ghost Costume Tutorial

    Holy Sheet that is an Awesome Ghost Costume Tutorial

    October 31, 2014 admin

    Happy Halloween and welcome to the last costume in this quick and easy 2014 costume series! Now this one isn’t exactly child friendly as it references profanity but it’s great for adults! And it’s incredibly easy! All you need is a white sheet and some creativity. Now my favorite sh*t sayings are holy shi*t and…

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  • Looking for an interesting costume? Be a bread cat or Toastface Killah!

    Bread Cat & Toastface Killah Costumes

    October 30, 2014 admin

    About a month ago I was showing my nephew all of the nifty things that had been going on online lately. One of those things was the breaded cat. You know, where they put a piece of bread on a cat’s face? via If you haven’t heard about it, Google it! They’re everywhere.  Heck there…

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  • This jack-o'-lantern candle holder is super cute, super easy and a great Halloween craft for the kiddos!

    DIY Jack-o’-lantern Candle Holder

    October 18, 2014 rachil

    Hey dreamers! I am back with my second spooky tutorial for this glorious month. I cannot believe it more than halfway over, I feel like the time is going way to quick! Good thing today’s project only takes about 10-15 minutes not including drying time. Are pumpkins not the most beautiful symbol of autumn and…

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  • Make a cheap and freaky bat chandelier with supplies you might already have on hand!

    DIY Bat Chandelier out of Paper

    October 17, 2014 admin

    I really dislike bats. Like a lot. I talk about it over at Mom Spark but I’ll give you the skinny up in here, too. Back in the day my Momma and I would walk around the neighborhood. I didn’t mind walking in the morning but I HATED walking in the evening. Why? Freaking BATS!…

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