• My cat LOVES hiding in boxes. I'm going to make her this gingerbread cat house. All I really need are boxes already in the garage, some paint and a craft knife. LOVE IT!

    Cardboard Gingerbread Cat House

    December 16, 2018 admin

    I think all cats love boxes! Turn their favorite hideaway into an amazing cardboard gingerbread cat house with a craft knife & some paint! With it being Christmastime it means I’ve got lots and lots of packages in the mail. Some have held gifts and a few have been jeans because I might have gained…

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  • This is genius! these faux gingerbread birdhouses are cute, glittery and can be stored and pulled out for my Christmas decor next year!

    DIY Iced Faux Gingerbread Birdhouses

    December 7, 2018 admin

    Why make gingerbread houses no one eats and you have to throw away? These faux gingerbread birdhouses are genius because they last forever! I have straight up spent the last few days covered in glitter. Like. COVERED. I kept getting the darn stuff in my eyes and every time I walked past a mirror I…

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  • Is this not the sweetest little Christmas thing you've ever seen? These chocolate "gingerbread" style candy houses are perfect for the holidays. They can easily be gluten free, too!

    Chocolate “Gingerbread” Houses for the Gluten Free

    December 14, 2017 admin

    We didn’t make gingerbread houses when I was very little. They were a ton of trouble with making everything from scratch and cutting it out and all, I’m sure. The first time I remember making one was in my teen years, probably, when we got a kit with pre-baked gingerbread walls and whatnot conveniently ready…

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