• Know a barbecue enthusiast? This serial griller apron will be on their wish list! Grab the free cut file and make one now!

    Serial Griller Apron

    August 11, 2017 admin

    One day Rob was teasing me because I was gaining a bit of weight. I was eating gluten free doughnuts with lots and lots of frosting like they were going out of style. And every meal I’d overeat a little bit. Apparently concerned that I’d soon need a new wardrobe he suggested that I might…

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  • Learn how to make soap on rope. It's so easy and makes a nifty little gift!

    How to Make Soap on a Rope

    January 2, 2017 admin

    Looking for a quick gift? I’m finding that soap making is so much fun and very rewarding because you’re making something that will actually be used. I feel like I make a lot of things for Rob but I have found the thing he definitely uses the most are soaps that I make. He especially…

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