• Learn how to make soap on rope. It's so easy and makes a nifty little gift!

    How to Make Soap on a Rope

    January 2, 2017 admin

    Looking for a quick gift? I’m finding that soap making is so much fun and very rewarding because you’re making something that will actually be used. I feel like I make a lot of things for Rob but I have found the thing he definitely uses the most are soaps that I make. He especially…

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  • Add a deliciously smoky flavor to your supper with these smoked sea salts. Learn how to smoke sea salt here!

    How to Smoke Sea Salt

    December 20, 2016 admin

    Apparently Rob has always been the type to eat fancy food. It’s just the way they ate when he was a kid. Last year we visited his family in New Orleans and we went to an oyster bar. It was my first experience and I think it wasn’t quite for me. I couldn’t have the…

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  • How cute are these little gem shaped soaps? A great DIY gift for a lover of the finer things. Who doesn't love diamonds? :)

    DIY Gem Shaped Soaps

    November 25, 2016 admin

    I’m literally obsessed with soap making right now. I have made so. many. soaps. I’m pretty sure Rob thinks I’ve gone over into crazy territory.  Basically what happened was ages and ages ago I wanted some soaps with loofah in them but couldn’t find any to buy. So when I saw whole loofah for sale…

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  • The Personalized DIY Doodle Tee

    May 16, 2016 sheri

    Graphic tees are awesome but as I’m all about creating my own one-of-a-kind style I rarely find any individual enough to please my unique self and end up putting on my refashionista thinking cap and creating them myself. I am completely thrilled with my latest no-sew transformation! Raid your t-shirt hoard and get your abstract art on…

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  • Stove top simmer scents make the whole house smell so lovely. This interesting combination served up in a mason jar makes a fabulous gift!

    Stove Top Simmer Scents in a Jar Gift

    December 1, 2015 admin

    Who doesn’t like things that smell good? Except for my Ollie. Sometimes the smells that boy makes is other side of the grave smelling but dang if I don’t love him to pieces anyway. But usually I’ll get rid of something quicker than you can blink your eye if it smells bad. Funky cheese? Get out of…

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  • The Upcycled Brooch Bracelet

    August 24, 2015 sheri

    Most of us have a tacky brooch (or three) lurking at the bottom of our jewelry boxes so why not transform them into quirky one of a kind arm adornments? Raid your stash or hit the thrift shop and create the upcycled brooch bracelet for yourself! (also makes a groovy DIY gift!) Grab a brooch, some chain, a clasp…

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