• Succulents look super cute in these DIY sugar skull flower pots. Great for Halloween but colorful decor perfect for all year 'round!

    DIY Sugar Skull Flower Pots

    October 25, 2015 admin

    Since I have moved to a new place I am finding that my design sense is changing just a bit. I’m very, very inspired by the beach. Never have I really had the chance to go to beaches unless they were man made on an Oklahoma lake which is fun, but completely different. But now…

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  • This GIANT sugar skull with a floral crown is so pretty!

    DIY Giant Sugar Skull

    October 2, 2015 admin

    In the last month, twice now, I’ve been mistaken for being much younger than I am. Like way, way younger. Daddy had surgery on his back and I sat in the window seat of his hospital room typing away at my laptop and harassing ladies to bring him ice chips. I saw these ladies, mostly nurses…

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