• This is a friendship bracelet all grown up and it's so pretty! Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger and get the kit it inspired at Darby Smart!

    Braid and Chain Friendship Bracelets

    September 9, 2014 admin

    I’ve been all about trying to find new ways to make an old classic… the friendship bracelet. Because, to be honest, I feel like an idiot walking around in my thirties with a tied on friendship bracelet. So in an effort to dress it up a bit and make it slightly more age appropriate I…

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  • Geo & Gold Branded Leather Coasters – Get the Kit!

    June 4, 2014 admin

    Today I am so stinking excited. Like mondo big time ecstatic and I’m actually writing this post in real time which isn’t exactly the norm. Also, my hair looks fabulous today and that is always very pleasing :) You may have seen on my tweets or my instagram pics that I’ve become a Darby Smart…

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  • Darby Smart Jewelry Holder Kit

    February 21, 2014 admin

    While this is not a sponsored content, I did receive a free kit from Darby Smart to facilitate this post. Okay, first off… don’t you just love this thing? It’s so neat and kind of weird and I LOVE it! And I made it from a Darby Smart Kit! I’m a really big fan of…

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  • Get your very own December to DIY for kit from Darby Smart and make a fun marquee sign!

    December to DIY For Darby Smart Kit

    December 22, 2013 admin

    So in the past few weeks Darby Smart has been offering some amazing sales and as such I stocked up. STOCKED UP! One of the kits I got was the to DIY FOR box for December. Basically you get a surprise craft sent to you with everything you need to get the project done. And…

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