• I love how bright these colorful dots Easter eggs are. So simple to make myself, too!

    Colorful Dots Easter Eggs

    March 21, 2016 admin

    For ages now I’ve been trying to make myself cut out a ton of circles from tissue paper to make up some eggs that I have been dying to do. BUT the reality of cutting up tons of dots with a circle punch from thin tissue paper was off-putting enough that this has been a…

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  • This simple bit of mod decor is the perfect Christmas pop of color! Great for uncommon holiday color schemes!

    Colorful Mod Christmas Decor

    December 17, 2015 admin

    I am really, really in love with color. Be it hot pink or a dang awesome chartreuse I’m all about bringing some color and fun into this new house. In the past I’ve been worried about appearing “grown up”. You see I get excited about silly things and laugh and smile a lot. This tends…

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  • Colorful Spool Mobile

    August 15, 2015 rachil

    Hey everyone! I’ve got a project that is perfect for brightening up a corner in your living room/craft room. I also have a bit of a head-cold so I’m not feeling too talkative this week, sorry! Supplies: Large wooden spools (I used 10) 10 in. wooden embroidery hoop 1 skein of black embroidery floss 10…

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  • Inverted Rainbow Necklace

    July 18, 2015 rachil

    I’ve had this image of a chunky rainbow mini-bib necklace for a while;  a mini many-hued statement necklace the likes of which Cleopatra might wear and today I finally made that a reality. I’m not feeling super talkative today so let’s get straight to the craft! Supplies: 7 colors of oven bake clay (all fimo…

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